Don’t Miss Your Last Chance To See The Indiana State Fair Year of Dairy Cows!

By Kimmi Devaney

If you haven’t been to the Indiana State Fair yet this year you still have a few more days to join in the fun.  Wherever you go on the fairgrounds you are bound to learn more about why milk is good for you, how dairy farmers take care of their animals and land, and why dairy is good for the economy. There is fun at every turn!

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Cow Jokes for ‘Tell a Joke Day’

By Kimmi Devaney

Did you know that August 16 is ‘Tell a Joke Day’? Since it is the Year of Dairy Cows at the Indiana State Fair (going on now through the 19th), I went searching for some cow and milk jokes that might brighten your day. I found some written by elementary school students that are pretty good. Enjoy these with a creamy milkshake, scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich, fresh glass of milk or your dairy product of choice.

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Artisans in the DuPont Building at the Indiana State Fair

By Mary Nicholson

An artisan is defined as someone that produces something, such as wine or cheese, in limited amounts, often using traditional, as opposed to factory, methods.  As I sit here thinking about that, I guess that would have made my Mom a needlework or yarn artisan, as she was a knitter extraordinaire!  She was pretty fast and furious with those needles, and she had quite a variety of shapes and sizes.  And remember those crocheted vests from the 60’s?  You can bet the ones my sister and I wore weren’t factory made!  At least that skill I was able to learn from Mom.  Even though my projects are rather limited in scope, I can turn out a pretty awesome granny square!

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Fun Food at the 2012 Indiana State Fair

By Diane Ruyack

Spaghetti ice cream? Can you believe it?  It is the signature food at the Indiana State Fair!  The creation does not actually mix meatballs with ice cream. Instead it is made with gelato noodles, strawberry tomato sauce, shredded white chocolate cheese and “chocolate meatballs. Sounds like fun!  There are so many delicious and fun fair foods for Hoosiers to try.

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2012 Indiana State Fair Presents Year of Dairy Cows

By Michelle Plummer

August is almost here!  I can hardly wait; all year long the American Dairy Association Team has brainstormed, developed, planned, replanned and NOW we can finally tell you some of the fun details and show you some of the fun places you can see Dairy that you may not have thought of before this blog.

So now that the fair is planned, how can you be or get involved?  Here is an overview–

If you travel 465E and go past the Certa Pro paint building, be sure to look for this-

Be sure to cast your vote for the 2012 State Fair Food contest!  From the stuffed cannoli, cheese squares, spaghetti and meat ball sundae, beer cheese dipping sauce, a caramel corn sundae or something called the Moo Chew meal which is a Lemon Chiller milkshake and a Pepper Jack and American grilled cheese combo!  Follow the link and vote for your favorite…I know my favorite!

Riley Fun Park hosts the Fuel Up to Play 60 tent– if you don’t know about the joint effort between the NFL and the Dairy team, mark your calendar for August 12 to help us help the Colts kick off their new season, prizes, players, fun and more!

These links can help you register to enter your favorite smoothie contest; this is for all ages and ideas!  Bring your best idea, blend it up and let the judge’s enjoy!

Kids’ Favorite Dairy Smoothie Contest

Giant Cookie Contest!

Calling all Artists…from 5 to 95! Enter the BIG Cookie Decorating Contest. Ellison Bakery will provide each contestant a giant plain cookie to decorate. Select one of two themes for your design: 1) Year of Dairy Cows, or 2) Celebrating the Hoosier Spirit.  ….and of course milk will be served!

Daily at 6:00 pm at the Dairy Bar join a storyteller as they read Buttercups Big Adventure, just in time to see the float and wave to Buttercup and her friends in the parade.  Buttercup’s book will be available for sale at the Gazebo—a great way to begin a new tradition for your young fair goers!

And you really will want to plan plenty of time for the Cattle Barn!  This year there will even more activities than before, learn about Robotic milking, talk to a Dairy Farmer about his daily chores and farm activities, Pet-a-Calf, touch the different styles of bedding and feed to provide the best in cow comfort!

This is only a small view of what is in store daily to show the Hoosier Spirit of the Indiana Dairy Farmers, be sure to schedule time to visit the fair several times….you don’t want to miss anything!  See you at the Fair!  There is dairy fun all around the fair!

Guest Chef Danny Mesmer’s Cheese Cookies

By Michelle Plummer

2012 is the Year of the Dairy Cows at the Indiana State Fair and this may be a good time to meet one of our chefs who will be demonstrating a delicious dairy recipe each Sunday at 11:00 am throughout the fair!  Chefs cook in a variety of places and settings.  Our guest chef Danny Mesmer, will be treating you to cheese cookies (recipe follows) that can be topped with ice cream as an open faced ice cream sandwich.  Make plans now to join us at the fair to see how to make this all fresh in an hours time.  Including making the ice cream!

Daniel L. Mesmer graduated from IVY Tech Community College with a double major in Culinary Arts and Hotel & Restaurant Management.  While attending IVY Tech, he was chosen to participate in their Education Abroad program and studied at LaVarenne in France where he received the Grand Diplôme.  While attending college, Daniel worked for many City and State dignitaries, including then-Governor Evan Bayh.  After college, Daniel worked at Marsh Supermarkets where he helped to start up the catering business for the company.  In this position, he became their first chef employee in charge of the corporate cafe.  From there he was promoted to help develop their Central Kitchen concept.  Daniel then moved to Millennium Foods, where he is currently the R&D chef.

Daniel is a member of the American Culinary Association, where he has held a Board position since 1992 and is currently Chairman of the Board.  Within this organization, Daniel has judged the Skills USA and the Pro Start (high school culinary competitions), as well as competing in ACF-sanctioned competitions.  Chef & Child Committee membership within ACF has also provided opportunities to teach young people cooking and nutrition skills.  Daniel is also a member of the Research Chefs Association, where he is on the National Board for Education and assists in various projects including the planning of the national convention.  He also volunteers for the Indiana Transportation Museum, where he is one of the chefs involved in serving dinner in the 1930-era dining car.  Daniel is also a member of the Indianapolis Ambassadors, which has provided volunteer opportunities at such locations as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana Repertory Theater, Indianapolis Indians stadium, and the very exciting opportunity to work with the 2012 Super Bowl.

 By Danny Mesmer

A bit more about the Indiana Transport Museum- It is a 1930 style dining car and it is run by the Indiana Transportation Museum in Noblesville.  It is currently in for some repairs, so we are not cooking on it this year.  We are planning on starting up the dining experience again later this year or next.  There is a diner similar to the one we serve on up in the museum for people to see and walk through.  That is, at Forest Park in Noblesville IN.  It is quite the dining experience for our guests.  It is a four course meal with appetizers, salad, entrée and dessert.  All served in the dining car.  Most of the time while moving.  It is usually on with one of the other tours like the pizza train.  Our guest stays on the train to get served with the pizza guest disboard and dine at one of the local pizzerias in the area.   It is a good time for all.  Information is on the web site  another great summer vacation destination-until the fair arrives August 3!

Cheese Cookies

1 stick of Butter (Must Be Butter)

8 oz. cheddar cheese shredded, or 4 oz. parmesan and 4 oz. cheddar or other combinations work as well

1 cup Flour

Dash of Hot Sauce or Worcestershire or lime juice

Salt and pepper (optional)

2 cups Crushed Rice Krispies ™

Blend together all of the ingredients except for the crushed cereal.  Works best in an electric mixer until all ingredients are combined.

Roll into marble size balls then press flat and press into Cereal.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 15 – 20 min.  Cool on a rack.

Cookies can be saved in a tin or frozen.

Just Stick It!

By Michelle Plummer

While you may think it is too early to think about foods on a stick I disagree!  I had shisk-k-bobs for dinner from the grill last evening!  This is the perfect whether (actually as long as you can find the grill is perfect weather) for food on a stick!  But I digress, this post is supposed to be about ALL the wonders that are enjoyed on a stick.

My first favorite is cotton candy, is there anything tastier as spun sugar or Angel’s Hair like I use to call it as a child.  My favorite adult food on a stick has to satays!  Thinly sliced pieces of meat, ribboned onto a skewer ready to be marinated, grilled, and dipped into sauce! The best part is they don’t fall off the stick like meatballs or olives on a martini stick (skewer).

But let’s get to the real FOOD on a STICK  Mecca, the State Fair!  Continue reading