Meet a Farmer

Dairy farmers are people just like you.  Our families just happen to love cows!  You can learn more by visiting

Life on a dairy farm

Life on a farm is not easy. It requires an incredible work ethic, savvy business skills, and “knowing cows.” Farms today don’t look like they did 30 years ago. You might be surprised at the technology applied to help the cows make nutritious milk. Dairy farmers live on or near the land that their families have farmed (for generations, in many cases). We understand the importance of protecting our natural resources. We depend on this land for our business and our quality of life.

We’d be glad to tell you more about it… take your virtual tour now.IN Dairy 3

Click here to listen to dairy farmer, Sam Schwoeppe, discussing the importance of including milk in a child’s diet.

Mills dairy farmers discuss the importance of dairy and the nutrients it provides in a person’s diet. Click here to listen to what they had to say.

Joe and Amy Kelsay point out the growing number of children growing up calcium deficient and encourage parents to provide their kids with opportunities to get their 3-A-Day of dairy to help fight this problem. Click here to listen what they had to say.

3 Responses

  1. Love your blog! It’s important people know the health benifits of dairy and the hard working people behind it!
    Keep up the good work

  2. Neat blog!

    Karlee Stevens
    Alberta Milk

  3. Looking for Indiana cheese makers who would be interested in participating in a wine and cheese tasting event next June, in Winchester, IN. We just held our first annual June Fest event and it was a huge success with 131 classic cars, sanctioned and amatuer chili cook-offs, 30 local artisan booths, multiple food, drink and dessert booths, beer tent, and wine, cheese and chocolate tasting. All our cheese had to be purchased this year because we could not get local cheesemaker participation. Next year we would like to promote and sell local cheeses only if possible. Please contact Jean at email if interested.

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