Indiana Crowns 2012 Dairy Princess

By Kimmi Devaney

Being a dairy princess is so much more than just a tiara. It’s an opportunity to educate others about the dairy industry and to grow so much personally and professionally. For young ladies in the dairy industry, this is an honor many dream about since they are little girls.

On Tuesday July 24th, Indiana crowned a new dairy princess. 2012 Indiana Dairy Princess Annie Achen, 17, is the daughter of Craig and Cindy Achen of Ambia, Indiana. She was selected from an excellent group of nine candidates to represent Indiana dairy farmers throughout the next year.

Annie lives and works on her family’s 3,000 cow dairy in Benton County Indiana where she also assists with farm tours. Her family has been active exhibiting dairy cattle at county fairs through 4-H and FFA and at national shows with the Milking Shorthorn and Brown Swiss breeds. Her long-term career goal is to own and operate her own dairy farm somewhere in the Midwest.

As Indiana Dairy Princess, Annie will serve as an ambassador for the dairy industry, representing Indiana dairy farmers, at numerous events throughout her reign. Annie will also be actively involved in promoting dairy at the Indiana State Fair as we celebrate the Year of Dairy Cows August 3-19, 2012.

Raise a glass of milk and join us as we congratulate Annie and all the wonderful young ladies representing the dairy industry. Here’s to a great year!

Summer Stress Relievers

Laugh! It is good for your health!

By Mary Nicholson

Can’t you just picture yourself, lying in a hammock, refreshing drink in hand?  That used to be the picture that summertime brought to mind, but it now seems to be a thing of the past.  No longer is summer the stress-free season that it once was.  But somehow, with the sun shining and warm temperatures, stress is a little easier to deal with for many of us.  But stress is stress, so how to deal with it in the heat?

Here are a few of my un-scientific suggestions:

First, go have an ice cream cone.  You should have a cone, not a dish.  Eating an ice cream cone forces you to slow down; you can’t eat it fast!  And if it’s really hot out, you have to concentrate on where to lick next to prevent the melting ice cream from dripping too much.  So that focuses your attention on something else, at least temporarily.  And who doesn’t enjoy an ice cream cone?

Do something that gets your heart pumping, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  Jumping jacks, running in place, jumping rope, bike riding, swimming, or even a brisk walk helps clean your head or helps you think better.

Laughter is one of the best stress relievers of all times.  It’s free and it has been shown to reduce the level of stress hormones while increasing the level of health-enhancing hormones and neurotransmitters.  Laughter also increases the number of antibody-producing cells and enhances the effectiveness of T cells, which means a stronger immune system.  There’s no shortage of funny stories and videos on-line or sit-coms on tv.  But if those aren’t available to you or you need a few yucks right away, think of a situation or scene that makes you laugh.  Here’s the one that does it for me:

About 20 years ago, my husband and I were travelling.  We were busy getting ready in the morning for whatever it was we had to do.  We were in a small town hotel and the lighting wasn’t great.  We also shared a suit case.  We both packed our own things and we both happened to bring teal polo shirts.  While I was in the bathroom, my 6’ 4”, 210 pound husband was getting dressed.  When I saw him, he had a puzzled look on his face and asked what happened to his shirt?  It didn’t fit at all!  As you might guess, he had on my shirt, which I still don’t know how he even got it on!  It fit him like a mid-riff and the sleeves were as tight as they could be!  He didn’t seem to think it was near as funny as I did.  And now when I need a quick laugh fix, I just can recall that situation, and that does the trick!  So think of a story, joke, cartoon or situation that tickles your funny bone, and you’ll be one step ahead of the stress game!

Anti-Boredom Month

By Mary Nicholson 

When the topic of this blog came up, I found out very quickly the cure for boredom.  Write a blog about it and you can spend hours upon hours of checking out sources of anti-boredom ideas!  My goodness, with places like Pinterest, or just googling an idea, a person could spend their entire free time sitting at the computer, learning all there is to know in the cyber world.  It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re going from one website to another then another, following this link or that.

But sitting for long periods really isn’t a good idea.  It’s important to get up and move frequently.  There are plenty of other ways to keep from being bored.  When I was growing up, it was a time and place where, during the summers, we really could be outside, unsupervised, most of the day.  My sister and I spent much of our time exploring the fields around our house or pretending the propane tank was a horse, riding it like we were Dale Evans.  There was a reservoir near the house, and my brother Jim was quite the angler.  He was very patient in teaching me how to bait a hook with a worm and how to put the bobber on the line.  Even when all I managed to “catch” were sticks, he was patient in getting me untangled and back in business. Continue reading

Diabetics and Sweets- Here’s the Scoop

By Diane Ruyack

Diabetics can eat sugar?!?! That’s ridiculous!!

No, actually it’s not ridiculous! It’s true!  I have a good friend who has Type 1 diabetes. I always felt bad for her when we were growing up because adults, including teachers, would not let her eat candies, cupcakes, ice cream at the end of the year school ice cream social, etc, with the rest of the class. Thankfully when we entered middle school all that changed! A teacher, who also had Type 1 diabetes, was now the voice for my timid, quiet friend.

Type 1 diabetes isn’t connected in any way to lifestyle – whether it be eating anything specific or not exercising enough.  Since the induction of faster acting insulin and accurate glucometers, people with diabetes CAN eat anything they want and can usually control their blood sugars without any problems. This doesn’t mean that you should go around eating entire birthday cakes to prove a point, but just like anyone else, people with Type 1 diabetes can certainly eat their choice of sweets in moderation.

Carbs can be found in things like breads, pastas, fruits, milk, yogurts, ice cream, and other sweets, and EVERYONE needs them. Carbs give us energy and feeds our bodies. So it’s absurd when people say diabetes can’t eat sugary, high carb foods. It’s not that they can’t eat sugary things, it’s HOW MUCH they eat. Everyone should be aware of portion size. The fact is that people with diabetes can have ice cream, but need to know the serving size and how many carbs are in it. Then based on how many carbs they’ve eaten, give insulin according to their specific carb: insulin ratio. Same concept as someone without diabetes, expect their body is able to do the work; “counts” the carbs and release the amount of insulin itself.

The Diabetes Youth Foundation Summer Camp, near Noblesville Indiana received over $8000 from the annual American Dairy’s Ice Cream Social on the Circle, July 13th. Check out  to get the whole scoop on this great event.

2012 Indiana State Fair Presents Year of Dairy Cows

By Michelle Plummer

August is almost here!  I can hardly wait; all year long the American Dairy Association Team has brainstormed, developed, planned, replanned and NOW we can finally tell you some of the fun details and show you some of the fun places you can see Dairy that you may not have thought of before this blog.

So now that the fair is planned, how can you be or get involved?  Here is an overview–

If you travel 465E and go past the Certa Pro paint building, be sure to look for this-

Be sure to cast your vote for the 2012 State Fair Food contest!  From the stuffed cannoli, cheese squares, spaghetti and meat ball sundae, beer cheese dipping sauce, a caramel corn sundae or something called the Moo Chew meal which is a Lemon Chiller milkshake and a Pepper Jack and American grilled cheese combo!  Follow the link and vote for your favorite…I know my favorite!

Riley Fun Park hosts the Fuel Up to Play 60 tent– if you don’t know about the joint effort between the NFL and the Dairy team, mark your calendar for August 12 to help us help the Colts kick off their new season, prizes, players, fun and more!

These links can help you register to enter your favorite smoothie contest; this is for all ages and ideas!  Bring your best idea, blend it up and let the judge’s enjoy!

Kids’ Favorite Dairy Smoothie Contest

Giant Cookie Contest!

Calling all Artists…from 5 to 95! Enter the BIG Cookie Decorating Contest. Ellison Bakery will provide each contestant a giant plain cookie to decorate. Select one of two themes for your design: 1) Year of Dairy Cows, or 2) Celebrating the Hoosier Spirit.  ….and of course milk will be served!

Daily at 6:00 pm at the Dairy Bar join a storyteller as they read Buttercups Big Adventure, just in time to see the float and wave to Buttercup and her friends in the parade.  Buttercup’s book will be available for sale at the Gazebo—a great way to begin a new tradition for your young fair goers!

And you really will want to plan plenty of time for the Cattle Barn!  This year there will even more activities than before, learn about Robotic milking, talk to a Dairy Farmer about his daily chores and farm activities, Pet-a-Calf, touch the different styles of bedding and feed to provide the best in cow comfort!

This is only a small view of what is in store daily to show the Hoosier Spirit of the Indiana Dairy Farmers, be sure to schedule time to visit the fair several times….you don’t want to miss anything!  See you at the Fair!  There is dairy fun all around the fair!

Cow Appreciation Day


We celebrated my Guernsey, JoJo, as the King County Fair Royal Critter back in 2007.

By Kimmi Devaney

To say I love dairy cows is a huge understatement. So many of my favorite memories involve showing my cows at the fair, working at the dairy and hanging out at the farm. There’s something very relaxing about watching the sun come up while cleaning out stalls or moving cows into the parlor for milking.

Continue reading

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day!

By Jody Toner

Well it’s that time of year again, National Ice Cream Day (on Sunday)!!  This came about in 1984 by President Ronald Regan when he declared the third Sunday in July as this special day.  What a great time of year, with all this heat we’ve been having, to cool off with deliciously cold ice cream!!  If I had my way, I would have it every day.  With all the varieties out there, one just might go every day with a new flavor.  Who wants to go for that??!!

You can celebrate National Ice Cream Day by making your own, visiting your local ice cream shop, or supermarket.  Ice cream is good in so many ways whether it be in a Root Beer float, smoothie, dish, cone, waffle bowl, or maybe even just a spoon and the container!!

To help celebrate National Ice Cream Day,join us today! The American Dairy Association is having its annual Ice Cream Social on the Circle in downtown Indianapolis!!  For a suggested $3.00 donation you can get a bowl of yummy vanilla ice cream with your favorite toppings!!  There will be several ice cream stations to meet your ice cream needs. Celebrity “scoopers” from local radio and news media will be helping throughout the event!!  Our mascot, Buttercup, will be there as well as other mascots like Boomer (Indiana Pacers); Big-E-Foot (Indiana Ice); Rowdie, (Indianapolis Indians), Bennie the Bean (Corn & Soybean); Trooper Teddy (Indiana State Police); and Maxwell (Indianapolis Animal Care & Control).  You never know who you’ll run into.  And new this year, is a roving magician.  It’s such a great time downtown.  We even bring in a cow and baby calf, thanks to Steve Hendress from Purdue.  Oh how I love the baby cows!!

So come out and get your ice cream from 11am-2pm.  All proceeds from this event are to benefit the Indiana Diabetes Youth Foundation.  Hope to see you there!!