Spring Is Here! Time to Garden!

By Diane Ruyack

Spring is here and the last frost date is around the corner. Lose that winter weight and get gardening! You may not be aware of how beneficial gardening is for your health. You’re actually doing a decent amount of exercise while you’re preparing a garden or while you’re  turning a compost pile. Continue reading

Let’s Help Our Youth Develop Healthy Lifestyles

By DeDe Hausmann

This past weekend we had a Celebration of Life Service for my husband, John, who would have been 65 on April 17th.   Friends of John’s spoke of special moments they had with him — most very funny and they allowed us to envision different sides of “my man” that not everyone had seen.  One of my brothers and both of our kids also detailed experiences with John, especially showing how firm he was in his convictions.  Maybe it was he being ½ Polish and ½ German that made him make his mind up regarding issues and not budging.

He loved the Indy 500 and ALL aspects of the racing festivities which occur every May.  If he could live at the track he would have. Because of health issues he missed attending the 2011 qualifications and race and had to watch it via our home TV.  That was tough for him!

This past summer we met our son and his family in Louisville, about half way for both families.  We went to the zoo and since John had a hard time walking he couldn’t enjoy all that the rest of us did.  There’s just so much one can view from a tram.

Health issues kept John from enjoying many things he wanted to do.  He grew up loving fatty foods, eating huge portions, and not getting enough physical activity.  During our 39 years of marriage he did make some healthy changes but they didn’t last for long.  For over 10 years he was obese.  He expected meds to take care of health issues and nothing would get him to change.  He died at 64 years of age, way too young.

I’m so glad National Dairy Council (NDC) and the National Football League (NFL) have established a FREE in-school health/wellness program, FUEL UP TO PLAY 60, so our youth can learn what a healthy lifestyle is. We have a health epidemic in this country, with over 60% of the adults being overweight or obese.  If we get our youth to learn to enjoy nutrient-rich foods, including low-fat and fat free dairy products, fruits and veggies, whole grains and lean protein AND work towards enjoying 60 minutes of physical activity daily, they should grow up to be healthy adults!

It’s too late for John but not for others.  Let’s help our youth learn healthy habits.  Over 70,000 US schools have adopted the program and you need to see if your kids’ schools are on board.  If not, bring it to someone’s attention and get those schools signed up.  Grants are available to help school’s make healthy changes and what school can’t use financial help?  Go to fueluptoplay60.com for more info and let’s stop this obesity epidemic!

Greek Fro-Yo!

The Indiana Dietetic Association passed out Smith Dairy's frozen Greek Yogurt during a farm tour. People loved it!

Thick, rich, protein-packed Greek yogurt is the hottest food right now and dominating the dairy case.  What makes this yogurt so amazing you ask?  First, it has twice the protein compared to traditional yogurt. This is great for weight management.  It also has a creamy, thick texture.

Now watch for this trend to continue into the freezer section.  There are many brands that already have Frozen Greek Yogurt such as Ben & Jerry’s and locally, Smith Dairy, just to name a couple.  Foodies are calling it Greek Fro-Yo!  Shape magazine broke down three different brands for you.

Not all Greek frozen yogurts are created equal. They do all contain digestive system-friendly live active cultures. However, the nutrition content will differ among flavors and brands. Make sure you look at the Nutrition Facts Label and check out total calories, protein and the ingredients.

I personally love the frozen Greek yogurts and think this is a frozen dessert you should treat yourself to! If you haven’t tried it, go to any supermarket and give it a whirl.  It will satisfy your sweet tooth and provides protein and other nutrients.

Summer Activities for Families

By Mary Nicholson

When the blog sign-up sheet went around the office, it was one of those summer-like days in March.  Shorts and sandals weather.  And I was thinking “outdoor fun” would be a cinch!  Today, it’s a little gray, cold and windy.  We had to cover up plants outside last night due to frost.  This does not make it easy to think “fun in the sun”!  Hopefully if you’re reading this, we’re back to warmer weather.  And if not, let’s just pretend.

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National Humor Month – Laugh Til The Cows Come Home

By Mary Nicholson

When is the last time you had a good laugh?  I hope it was earlier today!  Did you know that April is National Humor Month?  I suppose April Fool’s Day has something to do with the choice of month.   And with Tax Day in the middle of it, there’s probably a greater need for some levity.  There is some truth to the old adage “Laughter is the best medicine”.  Reader’s Digest includes a number of pages to humor in every issue!

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Running the Mini Marathon? Don’t Forget to Refuel with Chocolate Milk!

By Kimmi Devaney

The OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon is right around the corner on Saturday May 5th! I recently finished the last of the training series runs for the big race—a 15k—and am more excited than ever for the 13.1.

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Tomorrow is Cheese Ball Day!

By Dianne Ruyack

Cheese Ball Day is always April 17th! Some people might get confused as to what kind of cheese ball I am talking about?

The word cheese ball can actually refer to two very different foods. The first type of cheese balls are the dairy Cheese Balls. I always thought they were for holidays!   But no, National Cheese Ball Day opens up a whole new world for having cheese balls.  The second type is an orange, marble-sized snack that turn your fingers orange. Continue reading