Honor in Indy 500 Milk Tradition

Insights offered by Deb Osza, Executive Director, American Dairy Association of Indiana

When I was growing up in Osceola in St. Joseph County, Indiana I remember watching the Indianapolis 500 mile race with my family.  It was always a thrill to see the winner drink the milk at the end of the race.

After I began working for the dairy industry at the Dairy Council of Northern Indiana, I continued watching the Indianapolis 500 each year.  I still experienced the thrill when the winner drank the milk, but I also felt pride.  The winner was drinking milk!  Wholesome, nutritious milk produced by our own Indiana dairy farmers!  Milk that I helped to promote!Helio Continue reading

Our Experience at the Track

Sam Schwoeppe spent the day at the track. This weekend, she will be one of two dairy farmers proud to present milk to the winner of the Indianapolis 500. Following are her comments about her experience thus far.

“Telling the story of the history of the “Winners Drink Milk” tradition of the Indianapolis 500 was a fun and exciting way to spend the day on Friday. The first interview with Jenna Maloney on FOX 59 was neat because both her and her camera man remembered me telling them we do not allow “bean juice” to be given to the winner. We only present fat free, 2%, or whole white milk to the winning driver. They were also very interested in the cooler and the ice. Continue reading

Dairy Farmers in Demand at the Indy 500

Every driver in the 2009 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race will want to make the acquaintance of two Hoosier dairy farmers on Sunday afternoon, May 24. And they’ll know exactly where to find them. Sam Schwoeppe and Franklin Weaver will be in Indianapolis’ most prized real estate – Victory Circle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, ready to present the milk bottle to the race winner. Continue reading

Celebrating Dairy at the Indianapolis 500

Winners Drink Milk in IndianaIndiana’s dairy farmers are excited to launch a blog in celebration of the 2009 Indianapolis 500.  We’re proud that winners of this great race have enjoyed a cold refreshing drink of milk.  Join us in a toast to a great week and a great race.  Remember – winners drink milk!

Back to the Table – Cooking for Life Summit

We were so excited to work with nutrition professionals and help bring them “back to the table” in early May. Our first Cooking for Life™ Summit gave Indiana dietitians an opportunity to experience a modern Dairy Farm and help connect farm to fork. The Back to the Table Summit was open to Dietitians and Health Professionals from across the state.

The summit was free, but participants are asked to bring non-perishable food products to help the local food pantry. Attendees toured Kelsay Farm in Whiteland, Indiana to learn tips for marketing their messages, and observe cooking demonstrations. Dietitians also received two free copies of the Back to the Table – Cooking for Life™ interactive DVD.

“Back to the Table – Cooking for Life™ is a comprehensive interactive DVD to incorporate nutrition wellness and cooking skills,” says Michelle Plummer, Registered Dietitian and Relationship Specialist for DNCI. “It is designed to help demonstrate the importance of providing dialogue between Health Professionals and their clients.”

At both ends of the day, participants had the opportunity to select one of two farm tours at Kelsay Farms in Whiteland, IN. “Less than 2% of the population is directly related to agriculture and this summit gives our farm an opportunity to showcase all the hard work that goes in to producing nature’s more wholesome beverage,” says Amy Kelsay, Tour Coordinator for Kelsay Farms. “On farm tours are a great way to show dietitians how dairy products are one of the safest and most highly regulated foods available to consumers.”

The Summit was a wonderful experience for everyone involved – be sure to watch for it next year!