Do what the Indianapolis Colts do – eat right & play hard!

Calling a play at the 08 contest

Calling a play at the 08 contest

Our 4th Annual Junior Broadcaster Event will be held at the Indianapolis Colts’ complex on Saturday, October 17, 2009. All children between 10 and 14 years of age are encouraged to participate. Simply go to, download the registration forms and fill them out, then mail them to the Indiana Dairy & Nutrition Council at 9630 Castlegate Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46256 by September 30, 2009, at 11:59 pm. When you register you will be asked to answer the following question: “Colts players Fuel Up to Play 60 each day. How do you Fuel Up to Play in your day?” So, be thinking about what you do every day to Fuel Up to Play 60, and then share it with us. We can’t wait to read about all of your great ideas! Continue reading

Old Saying Takes on New Meaning

Rachel Hadley, a member of Purdue University’s Program in dietetics learned the many benefits of dairy while working with the Dairy and Nutrition Council.  Dairy’s role in the DASH diet really hit home with her since she has relatives living with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.  Rachel wanted to share with you what she learned and give you just another reason to consume dairy at least 3 times a day!         

Some of the nutrient-rich foods that you should be consuming as a part of the DASH Diet!

          We all know people who run around dashing their way through life. Maybe you can relate to this type of person, who hurries along, checking things off their to do list. And while it seems that dashing through life is no way to live; maybe now we should reconsider. “Why?” Because now DASH has a whole new meaning. As a Purdue Dietetic Intern working at the Indiana Dairy and Nutrition Council, I have come to better understand the new meaning of DASH and its benefits for all of us. DASH simply refers to an eating and lifestyle plan endorsed by leading health professionals along with the American Heart Association. Continue reading

Got Chocolate Milk?

Alec Smith is a recent Purdue graduate in Dietetics / Nutrition, Fitness, and Health. He is currently in the community nutrition rotation of his dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian. Continue reading