Just Stick It!

By Michelle Plummer

While you may think it is too early to think about foods on a stick I disagree!  I had shisk-k-bobs for dinner from the grill last evening!  This is the perfect whether (actually as long as you can find the grill is perfect weather) for food on a stick!  But I digress, this post is supposed to be about ALL the wonders that are enjoyed on a stick.

My first favorite is cotton candy, is there anything tastier as spun sugar or Angel’s Hair like I use to call it as a child.  My favorite adult food on a stick has to satays!  Thinly sliced pieces of meat, ribboned onto a skewer ready to be marinated, grilled, and dipped into sauce! The best part is they don’t fall off the stick like meatballs or olives on a martini stick (skewer).

But let’s get to the real FOOD on a STICK  Mecca, the State Fair! 

Is there anywhere better to get delicious cookies, candy bars, hotdogs, corn, Italian sausages, gyros and cheesecake along with so much more on a stick!  What a fun way to stroll around to each of the many sites of the fair, bite by bite from this portable plate!

BUT wait!  I celebrate all things dairy!  The Dairy Bar has mozzarella sticks, they are stringy and gooey nuggets and not on a stick, I can’t put a shake on a stick, but is it possible to consider the cone as a stick just for this one time so I can be part of the best, most delicious portable foods!  I say yes!  Join with me to promote the ice cream cone to stick status even if it is only for the month of August!

Make plans to just stick it from August 3rd thru the 19th at the Indiana State Fair Year of the Dairy Cows.  Whether you are enjoying food on a stick or delicious treats from the Dairy Bar you will be sure to enjoy this year!

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