Back to Football Friday “Show Your Pride” Photo Contest

Ever worn your favorite NFL jersey to the barn? Have a unique idea for your cows to show your NFL spirit? Here’s an opportunity to combine your dairy and NFL enthusiasm and creativity on camera!  The NFL is asking sponsors and partners such as America’s dairy producers to help kick off its “Back to Football Friday” school campaign and build excitement for the upcoming season. Through your dairy checkoff investment, your partnership with the National Football League introduced the Fuel Up to Play 60 program to America’s youth. FUTP60 encourages kids to “fuel up” on nutrient-rich foods, including low-fat and fat-free dairy, and get 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

So, as a dairy producer, you and your family are invited to participate in the “Back to Football Friday” photo contest by demonstrating your love for your favorite NFL team, the dairy industry and Fuel Up to Play 60 in fun and creative ways. For the contest, we’re asking you, checkoff staff and others who work with us to take high‐energy, creative photos displaying that pride, so we can submit as many as possible to the NFL.  It’s that easy! And if you’re the lucky winner, you will have a special visitor to your dairy farm – an NFL player!

Here are some suggestions on your photo(s) to get you started:

  • BE CREATIVE! Use NFL jerseys, t‐shirts, flags, caps, blankets, posters, anything NFL or team‐related to dress up the scene, yourselves, your family, your friends, your cows – go hog (cow?) wild!
  • BE ENERGETIC! Show action and passion for our NFL partnership and Fuel Up to Play 60!
  • BE APPROPRIATE! Don’t put on film anything that you wouldn’t want to get out in public, because we may use some of the photos at dairy shows and meetings to help celebrate our partnership. Let’s not have anything we need to apologize for!

There are three ways to send us your photo(s) demonstrating your pride, and be sure to include your contact information when you submit your entries.

  1. Upload your photo(s) to
  2. E‐mail your photo(s) to
  3. Mail your photo(s) to: Dairy Management, Inc. (Attn: Nevenka Tomic, 10255 West Higgins Road, Suite 900, Rosemont, IL 60018)

If you have any questions, please contact Nevenka Tomic at (800) 85‐DAIRY (853‐2479) or You can start submitting photos now.* The deadline to enter is Sept. 14. Good luck, have fun and let’s show the NFL that dairy people are winners!

*Full photo contest disclaimer (rules & regulations) can be found at Participants must agree to conditions in disclaimer in order to participate in the contest. We will mail the disclaimer to you upon request.

It’s All Over… My Time at the Dairy Council & Fairs That Is!

Written by guest blogger, Jessica Stoscup, Ball State University Dietetic Intern.

Throughout the past four weeks I have gotten to experience many different things, from being on the radio to going to my first county fair there has never been a dull moment. One of the last opportunities I had was to visit the Indiana State Fair.

Arriving at the fair, we were just in time to see the unveiling of the 1500 pound cheese sculpture. There was a huge crowd eagerly waiting to see the completed work of art including Buttercup, the Indiana Dairy Council’s mascot, and Blue, the Indianapolis Colts mascot. Upon unveiling, cameras clicked galore!!  Everyone wanted a picture with the cheese depicting the Fuel Up to Play 60 school wellness program. After about an hour the crowd dispersed, Buttercup and Blue left, but that didn’t stop a constant flow of people coming into the Our Land Pavilion to see the display.  Everyone kept asking us where the cheese sculpture was and we ushered them around the corner.  Before leaving the dairy exhibit though, guests were thrilled to pick up dairy recipes, coloring pages, and the cheese shaped jar opener.  What seemed like hundreds, people said that they needed a new jar opener and the fact that is was shaped like Swiss cheese made it even better.  Many families and fair goers also had the opportunity to learn more about the Fuel Up to Play 60 program and many took the time to answer some quick questions on our quiz board about the program.

Ever try a CHOCOLATE PIG? I know I hadn’t!  The recipe was developed because the theme of the fair this year was, the Year of Pigs! This dish consisted of vanilla custard with chocolate sauce, toasted almonds, and yes, bacon bits.  When I was first handed the dish, I timidly poured a little bit of the bacon/almond mixture and took my first bite.  It was so good; the mixture of sweet, salty, and creamy filled my mouth.  I ended up pouring the rest of the bacon and almond mixture on.  For all you skeptics, you’ve got to try it!!!!

Later that evening, I got to ride on American Dairy Association of Indiana’s “dairy” float.  Joined by the Dairy Princess and two other Dairy Council employees, we road on the float, which included a barn and a cow riding a racecar through the fairgrounds. Along the parade route tons of people waved back, and some even yelled that they love milk and drink it everyday!  Elles Niessen, the new dairy princess, made this experience so much fun.  She taught me how to wave to crowds and calmed down any nerves I had. She’s always willing to talk to kids and was looking forward to working in the Dairy Bar. I can’t wait to see what she does during her reign this year and further on in life!

Thanks to everyone at the Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana who helped make my 4 week internship so memorable!


Last Year's Cheese Sculpture at the Indiana State Fair

“Who doesn’t love cheese!?” exclaimed Sarah Kaufmann, nationally renowned cheese sculptor. “And this will be a really BIG hunk of cheese!” More than 1500 pounds of Indiana-produced mild cheddar cheese, along with a few other favorites, such as Gouda and white cheddar, will be sculpted into an amazing work of art portraying the NFL and National Dairy Council’s in-school based program, Fuel Up to Play 60. Artist Sarah Kaufmann, one of only three known cheese carvers in the US, was commissioned for the fifth consecutive year by the American Dairy Association of Indiana (ADA) to create the sculpture, entitled Fuel Up to Play 60, encouraging the availability and consumption of nutrient-rich foods, along with 60 minutes of daily physical activity for all school-aged children.

On opening day, Kaufmann will begin carving two 640-pound blocks of mild cheddar cheese from Pace Dairy in Crawfordsville, IN into an amazing work of art that will measure an estimated 7 feet wide by 3.5 feet high. In just five days, this unique masterpiece will come to life with the image of Colts mascot, Blue, and buddy playing football on the turf at Lucas Oil Stadium with a crowd cheering them on in the background.

Once completed, the sculpture will remain in a large refrigerated case at the east end of the Pioneer Our Land Pavilion. Kaufmann, known nationwide as “The Cheese Lady,” is a Wisconsin native who now resides in suburban Cincinnati. She began sculpting cheese in 1995. Among her creations are a 10-pound Mozart violin, a 120-pound Mickey Mouse, a 640-pound Green Bay Packers player, and a six-foot long University of Florida Fighting Gator. At the 2006 Indiana State Fair, she was commissioned by ADA to create her largest sculpture ever: a 2334-pound work that depicted the fair’s rich 4-H and agricultural heritage in honor of the event’s 150th anniversary.

In 2007, Sarah created a sculpture celebrating the Indy 500 Victory Lane Bottle of Milk Tradition. In 2008, she commemorated the installation of the fair’s covered bridge. Last year’s sculpture saluted Indiana Dairy Farm Families and the hard work and dedication they provide for Hoosiers, Every Single Day.

Famous “celebrity heads” she has been commissioned to sculpt over the years include late night talk show hosts David Letterman and Jay Leno; racing legend (and 1969 Indy 500 champion) Mario Andretti; actor Paul Newman; TV journalist Katie Couric, and many others. The cheese sculpture will be on display in its refrigerated case throughout the run of the State Fair, which ends Sunday, August 22.

The dairy industry ranks as Indiana’s fourth largest agricultural concern. The American Dairy Association of Indiana, a not-for-profit organization representing the state’s dairy farmers, annually sponsors and operates the popular State Fair Dairy Bar located opposite the Coliseum between the fair’s administration building and the Grand Hall. The Dairy Bar menu offers a variety of items including thick, delicious milkshakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cold white and chocolate milk, ice cream and frozen custard, fried mozzarella sticks, bagels, danish, breakfast biscuits with egg, sausage and cheese, and in honor of this year’s State Fair theme, the Chocolate Pig – making it the perfect spot for fairgoers to get their FDA-recommended 3-Every-Day of Dairy. The Dairy Bar is open throughout the fair from 8 am to 9 pm daily.

Health & Academic Achievement in Hoosier Schools

Indiana Action for Healthy Kids is a network of concerned Hoosiers who are passionate about helping our youth develop healthy lifestyles. So, what does it do to recognize schools that have made it a mission to help their students adopt more healthy lifestyles?  They plan a celebration to recognize those schools and provide breakout sessions and networking opportunities so that any Hoosier interested in providing a healthy school environment can get needed information to accomplish just that.

On June 1, over 80 people from Indiana schools met at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis for a day of learning and networking to help our kids become healthier, and schools who have met that challenge were also recognized as they are actively providing a healthy environment.

The keynote address, given by First Lady of Indiana, Cheri Daniels, was on how we, as adults, need to help our kids get on the “healthy bandwagon” and one of the best ways is by being good role models.  All Americans need to find physical activities they enjoy doing and learn how to make healthy food choices.  Too many Hoosiers experience health issues that are directly related to poor eating habits and a lack of physical activity.  That includes young people as well as adults.  We all need to want to make those healthy changes, and if kids adopt healthy lifestyles that can help them become healthy adults. 

The breakout  presentations at the summit included: Fuel Up to Play 60 (a National Dairy Council/NFL sponsored health initiative); How to Earn Gold: The Healthy Hoosier AwardAddressing Childhood Obesity with Project 18; Getting Kids Active Before, During and After-School; Putting Schools in the RIGHT LIGHT: Sending Healthy Messages out of the C.A.V.E.(Cafeterias, Athletics, Vending, ETC.); and Coordinated School Health Programs: The Link to Health & Academic Achievement.

 Attendees were treated with two meals:  a tasty, healthy breakfast (provided by the Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana) as well as a luscious and nutritious lunch (prepared by the Bishop Chatard chef and sponsored by Indiana Action for Healthy Kids).   Lunch was followed by an awards ceremony where winning Indiana schools were recognized with Healthy Hoosier School, Fuel Up to Play 60, and Project 18 awards.

2010 Fuel Up to Play 60 Champion!

Lisa Ozimek, Mike Pryor, Colts Fitness Camps leader, & Marian Danko.

Recently there has been a national focus on eliminating childhood obesity throughout the country, and in Indiana, Bailly Elementary (Chesterton) has shown that focusing on small, realistic improvements can be the first step toward that goal. Out of the 1,353 schools participating in Fuel Up to Play 60, Bailly Elementary was selected as the statewide winner of the Fuel Up to Play 60 nationwide online competition. Fuel Up to Play 60 is a national program developed by the National Dairy Council, Dairy & Nutrition Council Inc., and the National Football League that centers on helping youth make their schools a healthier environment.

Bailly Elementary will be rewarded with a special Fuel Up to Play 60 prize worth $1,000 including fitness equipment for the gym, a Fuel Up to Play 60 menu board, and a Fuel Up to Play 60 banner to help showcase their progress toward having a healthier school environment. Cafeteria Manager, Lisa Ozimek, started a walking club after breakfast to help energize the students while also making their way toward 60 minutes of physical activity a day. School Nurse, Marian Danko, helped with the program as well. In March, Bailly Elementary was also rewarded with Colts Fitness Camps for the entire school.

Through their involvement with the Fuel Up to Play 60 program and by making school-wide changes, Bailly students earned points by tracking their healthy eating and physical activity behaviors every day. Thus, they were at the top of the leader board as the highest-scoring school from Indiana in the competition.

 “Bailly was thrilled to be part of Fuel Up to Play 60 and give our students the opportunities to make their own decisions on how they will make themselves and the school a healthier place,” said Lisa Ozimek, Cafeteria Manager. By being recognized as the top school in our state, our students were eager to continue with their efforts and excited to join the program next school year to make even more healthy changes at our school!”

Bailly Elementary has started a program to get kids moving in the mornings before school by way of NFL Play 60 and local volunteers. It costs the school nothing and benefits the kids in many ways, including: better grades, better behavior, the building of a healthy habit that will last a lifetime, and most importantly to the kids, FUN!

The program is simple with lots of room for creativity. They trick the kids into fitness by playing games or doing simple obstacle courses consisting of running, jumping, rolling on mats, and even adding Martial Arts moves into the mix. Then they move to the game of the day, such as tag, and if you get tagged you’re out of the game until you do 15 jumping jacks.

The best part is seeing the kids going to class with big smiles on their faces after having a chance to wake up their bodies in preparation for learning. Everyone knows that you will be more receptive to learning if you’re not sleepy or groggy. The kids are so alert and full of renewed vigor without being disruptive to the class.

DMS Takes Advantage of Fuel Up To Play 60!

Mark Anderson, principal of Decatur Middle School in Indianapolis shares his school’s success with the Fuel Up To Play 60 initiative. Ultimately, Mark encourages everyone to get involved with the Diary Council in the Fuel up and Play 60 program.

Decatur Middle School in Indianapolis has fully embraced the Fuel Up To Play 60 initiative.  It has allowed collaboration between administration, food services, students, and the physical education and health teachers.  The Colts Fitness Camp provided students with the opportunity to make a difference in their lives, while the taste testing event allowed them to take a leadership role in impacting healthy food choices for the entire school.

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Fuel Up to Play 60

National Dairy Council and National Football League Program

Aims to Reach More Than 90,000 Schools by 2011

Fuel Up to Play 60 is joining the First Lady’s call to improve the health of our next generation. An in-school nutrition and fitness program launched in partnership by National Dairy Council and National Football League, Fuel Up to Play 60 shares the ambitious and attainable goals outlined in the First Lady’s childhood obesity platform. The program recognizes that many of today’s youth are overweight yet undernourished and encourages the availability and consumption of nutrient-rich foods – particularly low-fat and fat-free milk and milk products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains – along with 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Fuel Up to Play 60 is funded with an initial private sector financial commitment of $250 million over five years by America’s Dairy Farmers. Already impacting more than 59,000 schools nationwide, the program will further its progress by announcing the following commitment to the next generation:

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