Improve Your Physique with the Greek!

By Lindsay Martin, Ball State University Intern

Have you ever seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?”  Whether you have or not, you will find it humorous knowing the Portokalos family, throughout the film, tried to fix everything, including acne, with Windex.  And yes, by Windex I mean the glass cleaner.  Other than these laugh-out-loud moments, the family fully embraced the Greek cuisine.  A particular food that comes to mind is Greek yogurt; which is now becoming increasingly popular.

Most people enjoy this thick, creamy yogurt with fruit, granola, or as the base of numerous dips and sauces.  Personally, a dash of cinnamon stirred into a 6-ounce container of plain, fat-free Greek yogurt is a regular snack in my diet. Other than the delicious taste of Greek yogurt, I’ve had friends and family members question me about the nutrition difference between regular and Greek yogurt.

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