The Countdown to Christmas

Thanksgiving is now over and the countdown to Christmas has begun! The Holiday season seems to become hectic and sometimes we lose sight of why we are celebrating. We also tend to forget to enjoy our family and friends. I know a little organization can go a long way to alleviate stress. Here are a few tips and a simple ‘to do’ list to help with the stress during the Holidays.

Make your list of gifts (if you haven’t already) and wrap as you buy them. Online shopping is a time saver but order your items NOW so you have plenty of time to wrap them.  Also wrapping gifts right away will help keep little eyes from finding out what Santa is bringing. For out of town presents, a good rule to follow is to make sure out-of-town presents are mailed by second week of December.

Ah yes, Decorations. Get out your lights, ornaments, wreaths, and lawn ornaments. Is anything broken, need replaced, or is it time for an update? If you have a lot of decorations try to tackle a room a day. Have the family help and make it festive by playing Christmas music!

Do you send Christmas cards? Buy your cards and start addressing them.  If you’re too busy to get them addressed and mailed during the first week of December, consider putting them off until after the holiday rush.

Another big stressor is hosting Christmas dinner. Shop for nonperishable items a week or two out. A couple days before your meal make sure you hit the store for the last-minute vegetables or fruit you need for meals.

Most of all enjoy your family and friends and relish the traditions you share.

What is warm, steamy and full body? January 8th is Bubble Bath Day!

By Diane Ruyack

Bubble baths don’t have to be just for kids!  They are the perfect way to put an end to a stressful week and unwind. There are many benefits associated with bubble baths. The warm water and steam will open up your pores, cleanse your skin, and loosen up tight muscles so that you can fully relax.

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Someday We’ll Laugh About This!

By Kimmi Devaney

“Honey, you’ll laugh about this someday!” If only I had a quarter for every time my family said that when I was a kid. Have you ever fallen down the stairs or done something incredibly stupid, awkward or embarrassing? None of these things are funny at the time, but looking back upon these events sometimes is. We all do something dumb at one point or another, so why not laugh about it? In fact, there is actually a holiday for this! January 2-8 is ‘Someday we’ll laugh about this” week. Who knew!

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Surviving Holiday Stress

By Kimmi Devaney

It’s that time of year again! Between catching up with friends and family, shopping for gifts, traveling, cooking and participating in other holiday activities, it’s very easy to forget about taking care of yourself. All of this in addition to regular activities can be extremely stressful, but maintaining a consistent exercise routine can help keep energy levels up for all those holiday festivities.

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