Have you been naughty or nice? Tomorrow is Santa’s List Day!

Santa ClausBy DeDe Hausmann

I didn’t believe it either but it’s FOR REAL!!!   According to reliable sources via the internet, December 4th is when Santa Claus decides who goes onto the NAUGHTY or NICE lists.  Yep, he’s making those lists and checking them twice, three times or more and deciding who’s been GOOD or BAD!  He’s got to have time to decide what to bring to all the boys and girls of the world and I think he’s pushing it.  Considering there are over SEVEN BILLION people world-wide, as of September, 2012, then he’s got a massive job on his hands!!!!  I sure wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

Some feel that you can’t change Santa’s mind regarding one’s status after December 4th but others beg to differ.   Of course I think that most parents are those that are begging to differ and they don’t even bother to bring up SANTA’S LIST DAY.   If our kids were still little, I sure wouldn’t!  I remember when I was a wee one that my parents often reminded my FOUR brothers and I that Santa knew whether we were GOOD or BAD clear up until Christmas Eve so we’d better be good! That did wonders especially with my youngest brothers, at least up until they were maybe 6 or 7.  After that, forget it!  They were back to their normal, “get into mischievous often”, selves.

Now if you’ve done the UNTHINKABLE and let the cat out of the bag regarding SANTA’S LIST DAY then you might consider telling your children that there’s ALWAYS WIGGLE ROOM— meaning you need to encourage them to be on their best behavior for you have a DIRECT LINE OF COMMUNICATION to the guy in the red suit and he will gladly give your kids’ gifts to good little girls and boys who really deserve them!!! LOVE IT!  Make ‘em sweat a little.

So parents, it’s up to you what you tell your kids regarding SANTA’S LIST DAY!!!  My suggestion is to USE IT TO THE FULLEST AND GIVE THEM A LITTLE WIGGLE ROOM.


(and remember the true meaning of the season!!!)

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