Puzzle and Game Week

By Diane Ruyack

On average children spend just 38.5 minutes each week engaged in meaningful conversation with their parents compared to 1,197 minutes spent in front of TV, video games or computers. Increase your meaningful time together by playing a board game each week for 20 minutes. This casual environment includes all members of the family from preschoolers to teenagers and even grandparents. It also opens lines of communication, creates memories and teaches valuable life lessons. Get started during National Puzzle and Game week, November 19-23! This week helps increase the appreciation of board games and puzzles while preserving the tradition of investing time with family and friends.

Tips for school teachers:  classrooms could spend 20 minutes each Friday playing a board game as a reward for hard work and good behavior all week. Another idea is schools can host a once-a-month game evening as a way to help families become familiar with the staff and facilities, lead into discussions of various matters or upcoming events, and establish and maintain a line of communication with parents.

Host a trivia night fundraiser using board games. Encourage families and businesses to purchase a table and play as a team. Another fundraiser could be a Game Night Lock-In that allows kids to play their favorite games with their friends in a safe and secure environment. Groups could change games each hour or so, or conduct a giant tournament where everyone plays together!

Parents go to different websites such as www.moomilk.com can give you some great trivia questions such as how many acres of pizza and mozzarella cheese are eaten by Americans every day? The answer: 10 acres

See if anyone one can answer this?

To get the same amount of calcium provided by 8 ounces of milk, you would have to eat 2 1/4 cups of broccoli, 6 3/4 oranges or 6 slices of wheat bread

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