Halloween Menu Ideas

By Mary Nicholson

What do ghosts serve for dessert?  I scream!  Get it?  I scream/ice cream??  Yes, it’s almost Halloween, so let the haunting begin!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  We usually start October by watching old black and white horror movies and “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.  That certainly sets the mood around the house!  When my kids were little, we had lots of fun deciding and making costumes.  There were princess and Power Ranger costumes, along with a robot, Superman, a red M & M and a cheerleader, too.   Ah, the good old days!  Way back when I was growing up, our town had (and still does have) a huge Halloween parade.  Marching bands from all over the area participated, and every organization in town made a float, the chicken wire and tissue paper kind.  The homecoming queen got to ride in a convertible, and candy was tossed to the crowd all along the route.  Maybe that’s why Halloween is a favorite time for me.

So now I’m planning our annual Halloween party menu.  Getting to play with food is another reason I enjoy this season.  It’s not hard to make everyday kinds of food a little creepy.  Making regular cookie dough but shaping it like witch’s fingers is a standard for our house.  I have my tried and true items, but I always like to add something new.  This year I’ve run across several intriguing things to broaden my selection.  Here’s a recipe for cheesy cobwebs that only has four ingredients. And what table wouldn’t be complete without a plate full of skulls! For something on the sweeter side, I might try these chocolate candy corn truffles  or these black cat sandwich cookies.  There’s no shortage of ideas and recipes on the internet.  That’s why I stick with things I know my guests have enjoyed in the past, and add in just a few new ones each year.

So as the skeleton said to his guests, “Bone appetite!”

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