Sweetest Day

By Jenni Purcell

Of course you have heard about Valentine’s Day and anniversaries but did you know about Sweetest Day?  I first learned about this day when my friends were planning to get married on Sweetest Day-on purpose. (You are either rolling your eyes or saying “awww.'”)  It is observed on the 3rd Saturday in October and originated Cleveland in 1922, during the Great Depression. (Read more about Sweetest Day History)  It is celebrated this year – October 20.

Some critics might say, “Oh great, another commercial holiday where I am pressured into buying a card.”  And others might think of it as a great day to let your ‘sweetie’ know how much you care about them.  You don’t have to have a sweetheart to do something thoughtful for someone.  One idea is to visit your nearby nursing home. They are full of residents who would love a kind word, flower or just time from someone else.

If you do have a ‘sweetie,’ you can give each other candy, flowers and cards on Sweetest Day. I Googled ‘Sweetest Day Gift Ideas,’ and I stumbled upon a Pinterest Page devoted just to that very topic.  I found lots of fun hot cocoa recipes, a toasted marshmallow milkshake (yum) and a FROZEN hot chocolate recipe.  I thought these were simple, creative ways to celebrate the day.

Is there anyone in your life who is important to you and who you would like to show you care? I know today we are busier than ever, and our schedules are hectic. But what a perfect day to carve out some time to thank those who are near and dear to your heart.

Whether you’re giving, receiving, or just watching from afar, nothing brightens up your day like a token of affection, or seeing people treat each other with kindness. Happy Sweetest Day!

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