Celebrate National Cookie Month with Milk!

By Michelle Plummer

In the midst of all the Fall Festival goodies of pumpkins, caramel apples and kettle corn we can’t nor should we forget the glorious COOKIE!  The reason for National Cookie Month is to help you learn, enjoy and enhance your cookie knowledge… and you thought a cookie is a cookie.

Since it is National Cookie Month, I decided to take a small office poll of coworkers’ favorite cookie…well no one agreed one the same cookie.  I guess we will just enjoy a variety of cookies from date cookies to peanut butter with the closes agreeing point being chocolate chips for this month!

Chocolate chips is the number one addition to in cookies- Americans love the Toll House or Chocolate Chip cookie- soft, crunchy, warm or frozen- we have an obsession! The next cookie contender is the Oreo!

Travel down a grocery aisle, walk through the mall or on a chilly day take a deep whiff of the neighborhood and someone is bound to be shopping, baking or buying cookies!  Those golden little cakes are just right for fingers to grasp, the perfect diameter for dunking in a glass!  Yes, a glass of ice cold milk! It is really hard to enjoy a cookie (your favorite) and not grab for a glass and reach in the fridge!  Whether you are a dunker or a dipper; a sipper or a guzzler, milk is the perfect companion for cookies.  Go ahead… get your favorite cookie, grab a glass of milk and enjoy a great snack while you are providing your body with a powerhouse of nutrition.  Cookie month is 31 days long… that would be 31 reasons to enjoy an extra glass of milk daily!