Fall Festivals and Farm Fun!

Courtesy of GOODEnessGracious.com

By Mary Nicholson

The dog days of summer are now behind us, and maybe we’ll have an Indian summer yet.  But there’s no doubt that it’s fall – time for football, turning leaves, campfires, and fall festivals.  What a great time of year for a little day trip!

Apple orchards have always been a favorite with my family, although this year might be a little different.  The mild winter combined with the hard frost might make apple picking a little slim this year.  So before you head out the door, check out what’s going on with your favorite orchard.  At many orchards, there’s so much more than apples!  Some have corn mazes, hay rides, homemade pies and other baked goods, and even live music.

Many of us thought the drought of the summer would certainly affect the fall colors of the trees.  The last 2 weeks I’ve spent a fair number of hours behind the wheel, and I’ve seen some spectacular colors that I really didn’t expect to see.  What a pleasant surprise!

There are also a great many fall festivals all around the state.  Here’s a handy guide to find one that’s close to you.  There are so many different kinds of celebrations that involve everything from covered bridges, corn, and harvest to the Renaissance, beans, cars, and even Elvis! There’s certainly something for everybody.  The Parke County Covered Bridge Festival is known outside of Indiana.  Growing up in southern Illinois, I’d even heard about it!

Courtesy of GOODEnessGracious.com

One thing that’s not really a festival, but certainly worth a little drive, is a farm tour at Kelsay Farms in Whiteland.  Have you ever seen a working dairy farm?  Here you can see just how milk gets from the cow to your grocery store.  And if you’re lucky, you might even get to see a calf!  Open daily from October 8 – 19th, and all weekends through October 28th, there are other special activities including a corn maze, a baby barnyard, corn hole games, pumpkin bowling, hayrides, and the MooChoo Express.  You can even go trick-or-treating in the corn maze on October 27!

That’s another favorite thing about autumn – Halloween is right around the corner.  More about that another time!

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  1. Thanks for this info! Looking forward to the fall festivities!

  2. Love fall festivals and fall foods. Thanks for the update

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