Let’s Celebrate World School Milk Day!

In the UK, Members of Parliament served as honorary milk monitors for the day.

By Mary Nicholson

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 26.  It’s the 13th annual World School Milk Day!!  Beggining in 2000 with assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, celebrations are held in countries across the globe to help bring attention to the goodness of milk and its role in good nutrition for students.

Here are just a few of the events that happened last year:

In Austria, school milk is delivered by 105 school milk farmers (90 %) and three dairies to over 3500 schools and kindergartens, and the most engaged person in the distribution of milk in schools receives the School-Milk-Award.  Every year the chamber of agriculture organizes meetings, where hygiene, marketing and other themes are discussed.

In Australia, Dairy Australia encouraged teachers and canteens to join in the celebrations by incorporating some fun lesson ideas and activities into their classroom curriculum.  Here are some of their ideas for teachers:

• Create a weekly diet plan that includes creative ways to drink milk every day

• Research the various essential nutrients contained in milk and how they contribute to good health

• Create their own milk brand and design the packaging for their milk carton

• Create a poem about how the milk gets from the farm to the plate

• Research a product that is made from milk and present its health benefits to the class

• Research how other countries celebrate World School Milk Day and ask the students to present their findings to the class

• Ask the students to help decorate the canteen for World School Milk Day by creating posters

• Create a special World School Milk Day smoothie and make it available in the canteen to celebrate the day

• Offer a special World School Milk Day lunch deal that includes a small carton of milk or flavored milk

• Create a selection of menu items for the day which all contain a product made from milk

“ZIM” d.d. Zenica , the Zenica milk industry, in cooperation with 9 elementary schools  from Zenica celebrated  World School Milk Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Children prepared an  educational and entertaining program with songs, games, dances and sketches around the theme of milk. The most successful participants were rewarded for their efforts with money prizes and books, and all participants symbolically received a glass of milk. Activities were aimed at sensitizing the local authorities and the wider community on the present problem of inadequate nutrition of school children: “A joint effort is necessary to encourage children from an early age to acquire the habit of consuming at least one glass of milk a day”.

I could go on with many more examples, but my space is about up!  If you’d like to learn more about World School Milk Day celebrations, check this out!

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