Chocolate Shake Day- September 12th

By Michelle Plummer

Returning from the Indiana State Fair and working at the Dairy Bar, this topic was perfect for me!  After selling more milkshakes than I can count and most of them chocolate, I feel that I have quite a bit to say about this great day!  Real or not, I don’t need much to talk about shakes and with chocolate being a food group (right? someone will agree with me) it makes the perfect marriage! Everyone has an opinion on the perfect shake from the type of ice cream, the flavor of ice cream, the chocolate- hot fudge or syrup, milk or cream, ice cream first, milk first and then to toppings; whipped cream, nuts, cherry or other berry, oh my!  And, then there are the endless additives of fruit, nuts and flavorings!  Let me provide you a variety of shake recipes and you tell me what is your favorite!

Epicurious gives a classic shake and makes your sauce from scratch!

The Gallagher’s make their shakes to go:

Chocolate Dream Shake

4 scoops vanilla ice cream

1/4 cup chocolate-flavored syrup

1 cup cold brewed coffee

1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips

Whipped cream

Additional semisweet chocolate chips, if desired

Blend in blender and serve in pint preserve jars!  Great and fun idea!

Low-fat Thick and Creamy Chocolate Shake

Chef: Chris from Kansas

3 cups skim milk (cold)

3 1/2 ozs instant chocolate pudding mix (sugar-free if desired)

1 1/2 cups non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt

I have gone from decadent to skinny (yes this one is tasty!) and I can’t decide either so I leave you with one more option, the Dairy Bar opens again… August 2nd , that isn’t too far away.

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