Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5th!

By DeDe Hausmann

Love it!!  We have another reason to party-hearty.   Yes, September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day and I’m going to enjoy one for my evening meal (along with a salad filled to the brim with brightly colored veggies and a big glass of chocolate milk).  How about you and yours?  Will you join me?

Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods, no matter one’s age.  Pizza originated in Italy—who doubted that—and it’s enjoyed by so many.  And everyone knows that if you can produce a tasty CHEESE pizza you can add many luscious toppings.  Cheese pizza is like vanilla ice cream.  You’ve got to have a good basic beginning before you can add additional goodies to make pizza (or ice cream) even better!!!

Thin, thick, deep dish or stuffed crust—you choose but don’t forget the cheese.  Always use mozzarella on your pizzas?  Get creative and try other cheeses.  Here’s some suggestions:

  • Provolone: are 2 types = Smoked and Non-Smoked.  Non-smoked Provolone has a more nutty taste than Smoked and is creamier and easy to grate.
  • Cheddar: is usually mixed with Mozzarella or Provolone.  The more cheddar used the milder the pizza flavor becomes.
  • Romano and Parmesan: both have very strong flavors so don’t use too much.  If you over-do it with these cheeses, you can cover up the flavors of the other pizza ingredients.  That’s why many pizza chains give us small packs of these to add to their finished products — just to enhance the flavor!!!
  • Feta: has a salty and earthy flavor.  Use sparingly or make sure your family and/or guests love it before using it.
  • Swiss: is very salty, flavorful and is usually added in small amounts. It can get rubbery when heated so be careful.  Mix it with other cheese so it’s not over-powering for the pizza.
  • Montery Jack and Muenster: are two other cheeses that you can experiment with on pizza and both have pleasing flavors.

Does this make you want to experiment with different cheeses on your next pizzas?!  Try the cheeses out by themselves or on a cracker and try mixing some before you top your pizzas with them.  And know that you will be getting at least one serving of dairy towards your 3 needed servings daily.

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