FUTP60: The New Year Begins!

Wil Hampton from the Colts interviews Mt. Healthy Elementary’s Nathan Fairchild, FUTP60 School Ambassador

Back to school time also means a fresh start to Fuel Up to Play 60! So what’s new? Here are a few things that Program Advisors AND students can use:

For Program Advisors: The Competition Stadium

  • New! Kick off Fuel Up to Play 60 with a friendly competition in your school! Visit your Dashboard at FuelUpToPlay60.com and enter “The Stadium” for great ideas and guidance on how to start a Fuel Up to Play 60 competition in your school.
  • Want to get your students excited about the new school year and about Fuel Up to Play 60? Start a competition in your school! Challenge another grade or classroom to see who tracks more days or to see how many badges are earned over a time period you control! It’s all at your fingers tips in The Stadium, available on all Program Advisor Dashboards at FuelUpToPlay60.com

For Students: ARE YOU IN? Pledge Campaign (August 1 – September 30)

  • “ARE YOU IN?” Join the nationwide Fuel Up to Play 60 Pledge Campaign – and get your friends to do it too!  The more people from your school that take the Fuel Up to Play 60 Pledge, the greater your school’s chance of winning a visit from an NFL player. Take the Pledge online at FuelUptoPlay60.com.
  • Take the Fuel Up to Play 60 Pledge to eat right and move more by signing up on FuelUpToPlay60.com, and your school could win a visit from an NFL player! What are you waiting for? Eat smart, move more and win big!
  • Looking for a way to get even more involved in Fuel Up to Play 60? Join the Student Ambassador Program! To learn more and to apply, visit the Student Ambassador page.
  • Meet the team of 2012/13 Fuel Up to Play 60 State Representatives and National Student Ambassadors that are making a difference in schools across the nation! Click here to learn more.
  • This year, learn about Fuel Up to Play 60 from an insider’s perspective! The Fuel Up to Play 60 blog will be driven by student writers and allow them to explain, in their own words, why eating healthy and getting active is important, what the program means to them or talk about fun activities/events going on related to the program.

Colts Running Back, Donald Brown, at his Fuel Up to Play 60 photo shoot.

  • Who is the Colts Fuel Up to Play 60 player?  How about #31 Donald Brown!
  • Be sure to watch the Indianapolis Colt’s Coach Pagano’s show Saturday nights starting in September on WISH-TV.  Each week there will be a Fuel Up to Play 60 School of the Week featured – will one of them be yours?

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