National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – August 2nd!

By Jody Toner

When was the last time you had an ice cream sandwich?  What about a homemade one?  Either one is a delicious treat that you and the kiddos will enjoy.  Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day so here is your chance to have ice cream “sandwiched” between two cookies!

I think my first ice cream sandwich came from Dairy Queen many moons ago.  Now you can get them at the grocery store or even make your own!!  I have even seen “mini” ice cream sandwiches in stores – great for the younger ones or those watching calories.

If you make your own, the possibilities are endless: any flavor of ice cream and any two cookies. The best cookies are your own homemade ones of course! For example, imagine your own homemade chocolate chip (OR double chocolate OR peanut butter/chocolate chip) cookies with creamy, delicious chocolate chip (OR mint chip OR how about strawberry ice cream) sandwiched between the two cookies! You get the idea-let your imagination go wild regarding flavors of cookies and ice cream.  You can even roll the ends in sprinkles, nuts, mini chocolate chips, granola, etc.  For calorie-watchers, use smaller cookies and minimal ice cream.  This way everybody can enjoy this tasty treat.

Wouldn’t this be a fun activity for the kids? Who could say no to that?! Or, after a meal, gather the family around the table for an ice cream sandwich making event.  What a great family time treat!  Can you see anyone opting out of this?!!  I sure can’t!

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