Anti-Boredom Month

By Mary Nicholson 

When the topic of this blog came up, I found out very quickly the cure for boredom.  Write a blog about it and you can spend hours upon hours of checking out sources of anti-boredom ideas!  My goodness, with places like Pinterest, or just googling an idea, a person could spend their entire free time sitting at the computer, learning all there is to know in the cyber world.  It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re going from one website to another then another, following this link or that.

But sitting for long periods really isn’t a good idea.  It’s important to get up and move frequently.  There are plenty of other ways to keep from being bored.  When I was growing up, it was a time and place where, during the summers, we really could be outside, unsupervised, most of the day.  My sister and I spent much of our time exploring the fields around our house or pretending the propane tank was a horse, riding it like we were Dale Evans.  There was a reservoir near the house, and my brother Jim was quite the angler.  He was very patient in teaching me how to bait a hook with a worm and how to put the bobber on the line.  Even when all I managed to “catch” were sticks, he was patient in getting me untangled and back in business.

We learned quickly not to complain about being bored around my parents.  If we complained, things were found for us to do, and it was usually something not so fun.  My dad was a believer that young boys, especially, should be physically active to keep them busy and out of trouble.  So he might have my brothers move a pile of bricks from point A to point B, only to have to move them to point C the next day.  We also had a sporadically running 1929 Model A Ford that my brothers spent many hours working on.  If I was lucky, I would get to “help” by being the gopher.  On a really luck day, I might even get to steer it while my brothers pushed down the driveway, hoping for the spark to catch.  Rusty Rosie, as she was named, continues to have a home with my brother Mike, and working on her still keeps him from being bored!

Back to the 21st century!  One thing I like to do if I start to feel bored, but want to be productive, is to try new recipes.  Sometimes I find a new favorite, and sometimes I find a flop.  Here are a couple I have my eye on next time I start to hear in my head “there’s nothing to do”: Carrot Cake Smoothie and Gruyere Toast. What do you do when you are “bored”?

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