Diabetics and Sweets- Here’s the Scoop

By Diane Ruyack

Diabetics can eat sugar?!?! That’s ridiculous!!

No, actually it’s not ridiculous! It’s true!  I have a good friend who has Type 1 diabetes. I always felt bad for her when we were growing up because adults, including teachers, would not let her eat candies, cupcakes, ice cream at the end of the year school ice cream social, etc, with the rest of the class. Thankfully when we entered middle school all that changed! A teacher, who also had Type 1 diabetes, was now the voice for my timid, quiet friend.

Type 1 diabetes isn’t connected in any way to lifestyle – whether it be eating anything specific or not exercising enough.  Since the induction of faster acting insulin and accurate glucometers, people with diabetes CAN eat anything they want and can usually control their blood sugars without any problems. This doesn’t mean that you should go around eating entire birthday cakes to prove a point, but just like anyone else, people with Type 1 diabetes can certainly eat their choice of sweets in moderation.

Carbs can be found in things like breads, pastas, fruits, milk, yogurts, ice cream, and other sweets, and EVERYONE needs them. Carbs give us energy and feeds our bodies. So it’s absurd when people say diabetes can’t eat sugary, high carb foods. It’s not that they can’t eat sugary things, it’s HOW MUCH they eat. Everyone should be aware of portion size. The fact is that people with diabetes can have ice cream, but need to know the serving size and how many carbs are in it. Then based on how many carbs they’ve eaten, give insulin according to their specific carb: insulin ratio. Same concept as someone without diabetes, expect their body is able to do the work; “counts” the carbs and release the amount of insulin itself.

The Diabetes Youth Foundation Summer Camp, near Noblesville Indiana received over $8000 from the annual American Dairy’s Ice Cream Social on the Circle, July 13th. Check out winnersdrinkmilk.com  to get the whole scoop on this great event.

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