Outdoor Fun in Hoosierland

By DeDe Hausmann

It’s summertime and we all need to make the most of doing fun things outside when we’ve got warmer weather.  But do think smart—keep hydrated especially on hot, muggy days.

If you’ve got a chance to get to go boating or to a pool or lake, do it.  Think safety first:  make sure everyone knows how to swim.  And load everyone up with SUNSCREEN—in fact, for most summer outdoor activities everyone should be lathered up!

Ever tried family camping?  I could never get my husband to do this but I know many families enjoy camping, whether in a camper or tent or just “under the stars”. Google CAMPING in Indiana (or be more specific and list the counties you want to camp in) and see what interests you the most and go for it.

It’s biking and hiking time and we have loads of city, county and state parks that offer so many neat things to do.  Just make sure to be properly dressed for the activity and again, use sunscreen and keep hydrated.

To keep you cool no matter what you are doing outdoors, don’t forget to wear a hat or at least a sun visor.  Protect your head from sunburn with a head covering.  If you are hiking in the woods a hat will ensure ticks don’t gravitate to your scalp.  And if its white or light colored, the sun’s rays will be reflected off your head and you’ll feel cooler (an old Girl Scout tip!).

Enjoying a meal in the outdoors is special but please remember food safety:  KEEP HOT FOODS HOT AND COLD FOODS COLD.   Ice packs keep foods colder longer than ice.  And if you are grilling, don’t leave left-overs out. Wrap them up and get them in your cooler ASAP.

Let’s say you’ve been hiking, biking or swimming and are POOPED.  Grab an icy cold bottle of low fat or fat free CHOCOLATE MILK and know that you are replenishing your body with 9 nutrients, as in calcium, Vitamins A, D, and B12, protein, potassium, riboflavin, niacin and phosphorus.  Sports recovery beverages can’t boast that.

Enjoy summertime activities by planning ahead, prepare for all kinds of weather, stay hydrated, wear proper attire for what you plan to do (sandals or flip flops aren’t hiking or biking shoes), and have fun!

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