Ice Cream Flavor Fun

By Michelle Plummer

Whether you are celebrating June Dairy Month, National Ice Cream month in July or just crazy for delicious ice cream this post is just for you!  There is a little bit of everything from great ice cream shops to trivia for your friends and yes, recipes. Everyone loves ice cream from ages 2-102 there is something fun about the licking of a cone, building that perfect spoonful from a bowl or drizzling in the perfect flavoring to be churned, that makes babies squeal with excitement and elder’s hearts race just a bit faster!

Indiana Trivia:

  • Did you know Indiana ranks second in ice cream production, how fun! California, Ohio, Texas and New York round out the top five slots!
  • Local ice cream shops: Goods Candy Shop and brics
  • Sunday Drive Ice cream locations: Lick Ice Cream
  • The oldest Ice cream parlor in Indiana, since the 1900’s: Zaharakos

Flavor Fun:

  • First with simple vanilla or lemon flavorings to now flavors and ingredients such as lavender, roses, cheeses, roasted vegetables and fruits and everyone’s favorite bacon, ice cream is for every taste palate!  Some such luscious licks are:  Lavender Honey , Roasted Strawberry Balsamic, Bourbon Bacon Maple Syrup or my new favorite is Gorgonzola Walnut found at Licks –these gals are making ice cream history at farmers markets!
  • Check out Edible Communities with incredible flavor combinations such as blueberry and roasted corn! What a must try recipe!

Ice Cream making trivia:

  • Twelve gallons of milk is use to make one gallon of ice cream.
  • Vanilla is the number one selling flavor of ice cream
  • 80% of the world’s vanilla bean used for ice cream is grown in Madagascar
  • Super premium and premium ice cream represent about 64.8% of the total dollar sales of ice cream
  • Ice cream is a $20-billion retail industry
  • The biggest ice cream sundae ever made was on July 24, 1988 — it contained 20.27 tons of ice cream, 4.39 tons of syrup and 5.22 lbs of topping

IF after reading all about ice cream and you want to be better schooled, check out: Ice Cream University founded in 1995 by Malcolm Stogo. The company specializes in all things ice cream – now that is a nice summer vacation!  Enjoy!

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