Fire Up the Grill

By Michelle Plummer

I don’t remember a Father’s Day without two things happening.  First was my Dad cutting the yard on the riding lawnmower with my twin sisters on his knees (it has been a while) and the grill being ‘fired up’ early and going until late in the evening.  We cooked sausages, chicken, pork, veggies and even dessert!

Grilling is a passion and when done well it makes everyone anticipate with delight!  We have friends that grilling begins the day before with brine and the making of the rub and then the rubbing of the secret spice blend and then on the grill for additional mopping and WAITING and WAITING!  I realized years ago that there are so many delicious, mopped, spritzed and slathered options!  There’s roasted corn on the cob smeared with butter, rich and thick baked beans, the creamy goodness of macaroni and cheese, mounds of Cole slaw and vegetable salads with Buttermilk dressing- tables full of food fit for a king and his court!


Did you notice the common denominator in the side dishes?  Dairy and Calcium!  So really, the food that can up stage terrific BBQ is milk, cheese and yogurt!  Which begs the question is Dad getting his three servings of dairy daily?  Dads can get osteoporosis just like Mom!  Dad, good ahead enjoy grated cheese on your salad, the mac and cheese as a side dish and a glass of milk with those cookies your babes made for your special day!  The goal this day and every day is to eat well and exercise so you can enjoy all the wonderful treats you have on Father’s Day!  OHHH don’t forget the grill, the ribs are done and ready to devour!  The sides have been eaten so there is plenty of room for the ‘good stuff’.

My favorite grill sites:  Each one gives a bit of something and before long you have your own secret brine, rub, sauce!  Use the best cuts of meats available!  Use the right cut for the best outcome!  Be patient! It is so worth the wait!!!  Like my Dad—go cut the yard…

My favorite rub:  Start with the link and become creative!  To help make your rub a bit better, take the brown sugar and bake it for 20 minutes at 300 degrees, turning to dry it not burn it, then put it in a coffee grinder and whirl until finely ground—this really gets in to the bits of meat making a more intense bark!

My favorite BBQ stop in INDYBlack Diamond!  The ribs and brisket are delicious!

My favorite grilled burger: Combine sausage, ground beef, sautéed onion, Worcestershire sauce and bits of cheddar crumbled in—each bite is just perfect!

The best shellfish recipe ever!: Oysters on the grill and just when they open, remove them and fill with cubes of a compound butter using orange zest, Cointreau and butter. This is the ultimate veranda and Pinot meal!

BBQ lingo: You have to talk the talk you know!

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