Summer Picnic Guide

By Michelle Plummer

June is here and won’t it be fun to enjoy those lovely warm breezy days along with Picnics!  The school doors are shut and the kids are ready to have fun in the sand, water, and playgrounds.  Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to observe many impromptu picnics at the Vintage Wine Fest and again on Sunday in my neighborhood.  Let me explain!

Picnics are not just about the food (well, maybe a little) but the friends and fun that is wrapped into it.  At Vintage folks had a variety of great food and wine to choose from and then gathered near the stage to listen to the music and join in with their friends for the festivities. I must say this looked inviting!  Laying on the lawn, munching foods from pizza to southern cooking to Turkey legs that looked like it was a toy BamBam played with-but delicious!  Everyone was laughing, smiling and enjoying the music, it was the perfect day for a picnic, and not too far of a drive!

Another idea for picnics close to home and easy would be the Monon Walkway, the Canal, an any City Pool.  The goal here is to find a fun place to walk, run, swim and be with friends.  Your picnic can be simple foods like PB&J, frozen gogurt sticks, fruit cups, rice Krispy treats, a simple kid friendly trail mix and of course string cheese sticks!  These traveling snacks take up little space but are great to ease the hungry monster when it arrives!

And if veranda picnics are your favorite then I have some delicious ideas for you!  Make a simple pasta salad with rainbow pasta, onions, zucchini, grape tomatoes, blue berries, basil and a red French dressing!  Oh my goodness, simply delicious and it takes no time! To this meal, add a grilled flat iron steak– this will be your new favorite go to beef!  From quesadillas to the center of the plate, the flavor and tenderness are wonderful!  Top it with blue cheese and it is fit for a king (Father’s Day is June 17th). For dessert,go simple with angel food cake squares, strawberries that have been cleaned and macerated in orange juice and sugar for about an hour and topped with fresh whipped cream.

Each of these 3 picnic ideas are just guides to help with your summer fun.  If you purchase an entire meal and go somewhere just to enjoy, or if you have kids and need to continually fill their tummies or to enjoy a quite ‘neighborhood’ picnic on the veranda, just keep it simple, it is not the food but the fun and friends that make the picnics memorable!  The best picnic I ever had was in Brown County with soggy hotdogs!  And don’t forget to celebrate June Dairy Month with your enjoyable picnic!

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