Celebrate June Dairy Month!

By Kimmi Devaney

June is Dairy Month! As you sit down to dinner tonight, raise a glass of milk to the hard working dairy farmers dedicated to providing you with nutritious dairy foods every day of the year. Dairy foods—such as milk, cheese and yogurt—provide nine essential nutrients that healthy bodies need every day, including calcium, vitamin D and protein.

Providing you with nutritious dairy products is a job dairy farmers take very seriously. As one of my friends always says, “The cows don’t take a day off and neither do I.” He is absolutely right. The cows don’t care if it is Christmas, New Year’s Eve or any other significant day of the year; they need to be fed, milked and taken care of. Dairy farmers work with animal nutritionists, veterinarians and several other professionals to ensure their cows receive the best care every day. This includes routine checkups and vaccinations, as well as medical care if a cow does get sick.

Dairy farms stimulate the local economy by providing jobs in communities throughout the nation. Many dairy farmers are involved in their communities through 4-H, FFA, church and other groups. They are just like you except cows are a vital part of their profession.

In honor of June Dairy Month, let’s hear from our local Indiana dairy farmers:


“If I was not a dairy farmer, I am not sure what I would be doing. The freedom you have as a farmer, giving my family the opportunity to grow up on a farm, being around cows and the interaction with my employees and vendors is something I live for. It’s the complete package I love with all its challenges and ups and downs”

                                                                              –Tejo Willemsen, Frankton, IN


“What I love most about the dairy industry is the opportunity to work with my family on a daily basis and to be able provide for so many people.  We provide for the cows and they provide for us through the nutritious products they produce.  Not only that, but I truly take pride in the fact that we’re able to produce safe, nutritious food for so many.  A lot of people don’t know where their food comes from anymore, but I’m still proud to be a face behind the label.”

                                                                           –David Brand, Waterloo, IN


“Nearly every activity that we do on the dairy is centered around one common goal:  To make the cows’ lives a little more comfortable. We help to achieve this level of comfort in many ways, by providing:  a fresh balanced diet of hay, corn, vitamins and minerals every single day, fresh clean water to drink, a meticulously groomed bed of sand to sleep on, big fans to keep air fresh and cool, and a water sprinkler shower on hot days.”                                    

                                                                     –Nathan Kuehnert, Fort Wayne, IN


June Dairy Month originated in 1937 as an annual tradition developed to celebrate the dairy industry and its contributions. Between 1937 and 1939, it was called National Milk Month until ‘June Dairy Month’ became the official title of the promotion and focused on the greater use of dairy products.

June 1st is also World Milk Day! World Milk Day originated in 2001 and is an international celebration of milk and the dairy industry.

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  1. Here’s to all dairy farmers!!! Raise your glasses of milk high to salute the hard working dairy farm families.

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