Meet the 2012 Rookie Milkman

By Duane Hill

Never in my life when I was a little boy milking cows would I have thought about the privilege of handing milk to the winning race team at the Indianapolis 500.  Hard work and desire have always paid off in my life in some surprising ways.

I was blessed to be born and raised on a dairy farm with the leadership from great parents. They taught me responsibility and showed me the importance of hard work and honestly.  I can remember my Dad waking us early in the morning to do the milking and the chores before we went to school.  If things went well, we made it on time.  If not, we went to school wearing the fragrance of the barn.

Through the leadership of my agriculture teacher and his encouragement, I became very involved in the dairy industry, FFA and 4-H.  After graduating, I married my wife and we both have a desire to be in dairy farming.  From that day forward we channeled our lives to become successful dairy farmers. We raised our family on a dairy farm and it has been a pleasant experience.  It taught them a good work ethic.

I am looking forward to be at the track early in the morning race day to get the feel of the atmosphere at the race track. It is going to be a pleasure to be there with the drivers who have dedicated their desire and lives to perform for the people of the world.  I want to show the world that winners drink milk and how important it is for their health.

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