Greek Fro-Yo!

The Indiana Dietetic Association passed out Smith Dairy's frozen Greek Yogurt during a farm tour. People loved it!

Thick, rich, protein-packed Greek yogurt is the hottest food right now and dominating the dairy case.  What makes this yogurt so amazing you ask?  First, it has twice the protein compared to traditional yogurt. This is great for weight management.  It also has a creamy, thick texture.

Now watch for this trend to continue into the freezer section.  There are many brands that already have Frozen Greek Yogurt such as Ben & Jerry’s and locally, Smith Dairy, just to name a couple.  Foodies are calling it Greek Fro-Yo!  Shape magazine broke down three different brands for you.

Not all Greek frozen yogurts are created equal. They do all contain digestive system-friendly live active cultures. However, the nutrition content will differ among flavors and brands. Make sure you look at the Nutrition Facts Label and check out total calories, protein and the ingredients.

I personally love the frozen Greek yogurts and think this is a frozen dessert you should treat yourself to! If you haven’t tried it, go to any supermarket and give it a whirl.  It will satisfy your sweet tooth and provides protein and other nutrients.

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