Meet an Indiana Dairy Farmer: Missy & Kent Rexing

By Missy Rexing

My husband Kent and I farm with our four kids in Haubstadt, Indiana.  Kent and I both come from a dairy farm background. I grew up where my family milked Holsteins and grain farmed. Kent’s family did dairy, grain and hogs, so when Kent and I married it was an easy transition.

We ensure that our cows are comfortable by doing the following: fresh bedding in the free stalls, letting them go out in the pasture in the afternoon and in the evening. They like laying out in the pasture and just relaxing.

I really don’t know what we would do if we weren’t in dairy farming, our whole family works together at it. The kids love to show the cows at the fair. But if I had to say, it would be grain farming. Kent and I just love farming. Kent is a fourth generation dairy farmer, and he helps our son Kurtis do the feeding, growing crops for the animals’ feed, baling hay and maintenance.
I am also a fourth generation dairy farmer, I do the milking in the morning, help feed baby calves, help with taking up hay and cooking and doing mom duties for my kids.

Our kids Kurtis, Kyle, Kelsey and Katie are fifth generation dairy farmers and they all help on the farm. Kyle does morning milking before school, helps feed, take of hay and helps Kurtis grind the feed for the animals. Kurtis feeds in the morning with Kent before school, takes up hay, helps Kyle grind feed for all the animals. Kelsey and Katie help milk in morning before school, help feed baby calves and we all work together as a family. Steven is hired on to do the night milking and does the feed in the afternoon and all of the breeding.

The best thing about dairy farming is that we get to do it as a family. There are not many jobs that a person can do with their entire family. Our family brings happiness to other families by producing a good healthy product.
I would like the public to know that we take pride in how our cows are taken care of and that we can produce a healthy and nutritious food. We also want people to know that dairy farming is a job you have to love or you won’t make it. It is also a great way to bring a family strong by working together to get things done.


2 Responses

  1. Awesome article Rexing Family! ❤

  2. What a fantastic story!

    Proud cousin,
    Debbie 🙂

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