Fishers Junior High Fuels Up

By Mary Nicholson

Fuel Up to Play 60 has been alive and well at Fishers Junior High for over a year.  With the leadership of program advisor Andrea McMurtry, a lot of good things have been happening there.  Here are a few of the “success stories” that Andrea has shared with us:

“On the last day of school [May 2011] we hosted a health and fitness fair for the entire school. Students spent two hours going to four rotations for activity and information about good health and fitness. All students participated in a one-mile walk, class field day challenges, Zumba and a health fair. Students were familiarized with ways to stay active throughout the summer and given creative ways to Play 60 as well as good recipes to make on their own to Fuel Up. My fitness council members ran the field day challenges and the mile walk. Some served as ambassadors to our guests at the health fair. They planned all the activities and events. Teachers, community members (fire, police, bowling alley, local gyms, YMCA, local Dairy Council) and administrators all supported our efforts!”

When the 2011-12 school year began, here are a few things that went on:

“As a Kickoff for the new school year Fishers Junior High threw a Healthy Tailgate before a home football game. Students were able to sign up for flickerball football games and other physical activity challenges. We set up a taste test buffet of “healthy” taligating foods:  grilled chicken fajita wraps, fruit, veggies and hummus, trail mix, milk, water and smoothies.”

“Students also took their own Milk Mustache pictures that are on display in our cafeteria. We ended with a corn hole tournament! More students are asking for smoothies and we are working on adding them to our breakfast and lunch menu. This event encouraged our 7th graders to sign up to be on our Fuel Up to Play 60 Fitness Council and sign the Pledge online. My Fitness Council students made the smoothies and ran the events. Staff members and the cheerleaders/football teams and coaches all supported our efforts.”

“Using money from the Fuel Up to Play 60 program the Fishers Junior High Fitness Council gave away free smoothies to all students eating breakfast today.  March 5-9 is National School Breakfast week.  Our students were also taking ISTEP this week.  National studies consistently confirm that breakfast helps kids concentrate, think, behave and learn.  Eating breakfast improves children’s classroom performance, including better test scores and grades.  It also increases children’s ability to focus and concentrate on school work. The FJH Fitness Council was happy to do their part to promote healthy breakfast ideas and help FJH students do their best on ISTEP testing!  In addition to making smoothies, there have been prize giveaways at breakfast and a week-long challenge for those who eat breakfast every day.”

As you can see, Andrea not only gets her students involved, but the administration as well.  And that’s a win for everyone!

Want to learn more about Fuel Up To Play 60? Check out our guest post today on Indiana’s Family of Farmers.

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