The South Bend Dairy Center has a New Home

By DeDe Hausmann

November 2011 found our American Dairy Association/Dairy & Nutrition Council South Bend office having to move due to the Indiana Major Moves road expansion.  I can’t thank my Administrative Assistant, Jody Toner, enough for taking on the brunt of this ordeal including the research, planning, packing, moving and unpacking stages.  Jody is the best!!!

We researched many office spaces before Jody found our new home via Craigslist!!!  Would you believe we are now in a former milk house/summer kitchen that’s on the National Historical Registry?!!!   It was built, along with the main house (the 2 story white brick building directly in front of our building), in 1846.

Our new address is 61191 US 31 South, Suite B, and it’s not even a mile south of our old office.  It’s a one story building that has so much character.  The west side was a former milk house and has heavy bricks and beams throughout.  That area houses our kitchen/informal entrance area.  Directly behind the former milk house is where Jody’s office, most of our supplies and our interns will work.  My office and main entrance is in the front which happens to be the former summer kitchen.  Needless to say the walls are stone.  Our landlords, Greg and Paula Elliott, had to get permission from the National Historical Registry to add a new roof and energy-efficient windows before we moved in.  Any exterior changes HAVE to be approved so that the alterations will not detract from the exterior historical personality of the building.

We LOVE our new home and hope that when you are in the area that you will stop by and marvel at the office.  As in the past, it’s best to call beforehand (574-299-8040) for I am in and out and Jody only works part-time.   We might even have an Open House later on this spring and we’ll let you know about that on our website.

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