Breakfast for Dinner???

By DeDe Hausmann

I remember as a kid how I didn’t like it when Mom served pancakes/eggs/sausage for dinner.  I felt they were breakfast foods and that’s where they should stay.  Later, after I became a wife and mom, I would sometimes find myself serving breakfast for dinner and thinking back to how smart my Mom was.  BUT, I wanted to make sure my family had gotten their fair share of foods from all 5 food groups so a basic breakfast wasn’t good enough for me.

I’m a lover of OMELETS, and I have to add any cheese, herbs and veggies that are handy to make those omelets extra-nutritious and delectable.    I try to keep on-hand tomatoes (no matter what time of year), fresh spinach, carrots, radishes, cucumbers and zucchini and all of those can really make an omelet nutrition-packed.   I toss in grated or thinly sliced low-fat cheese before folding over and then place some cheese on top, too.  I then serve this with whole-wheat bagel or English muffin halves and complete the meal with an icy cold glass of orange or cranberry juice.

Ever tried making a FRITTATA?  It’s an Italian-style omelet that you start cooking on your cooktop (in an oven-compatible skillet) and finish it in the oven so it cooks thru.  I cook shredded raw potatoes (both white and sweet) with onions and herbs in a fry pan with olive oil, tossing occasionally. I add other veggies and some cooked meats and continue heating.  Once everything is heated thru, I gently pour a 6 egg/dash of water/herb/ chunks of low-fat cheese mixture, coating all the ingredients in the pan.  It then goes in a 325 degree oven and bakes until everything is set, about 15-20 minutes.   Serve with mini fruit muffins, a fruit salad and icy cold, nutritious milk and you are set!!!

I also love making whole grain WAFFLES for dinner and I top them with Steamed Apples or Strawberries (via the microwave) and warm Maple Syrup and serve them with a Spinach Salad topped with nuts and orange slices and serve with a big glass of Chocolate Milk.  OR I make Tuna Salad (packed with bits of veggies and seasonings) and place a big dollop of it on top of a waffle , heat in the microwave, and serve with a fruit salad and a cup of hot chocolate and I’ve got all 5 food groups covered!!!

Make STRATA’s before?  Combine bread chunks, a cooked meat, veggies, and cheese and cover with an egg/milk/mustard/spice mixture, refrigerate for at least 2 hours, and bake before serving.  Google STRATA for great recipes.   Get home from work, bake it in the oven, serve it with a fruit salad and you are set.

Hungry yet for BREAKFAST FOR DINNER?  Try it and I bet your family will love it.  Make it nutritious but delicious!!!!

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