Feeling Green?

By Mary Nicholson

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day!  That means, even if it’s snowing, spring is just around the corner.  It also takes me back to fourth grade.  That was my first year at Irving Grade School, which was in the “city” (population 17,500) compared to the rural school I had come from (town population of 800).  Up until then, any recognition of St. Patrick’s Day usually involved cutting out shamrocks from green construction paper at school.  Maybe Mom would add green food coloring to something, but, coming from a largely German background, that was about it.

Out on the playground at recess, where many lessons are learned, pinching of those not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, had begun.  Fellow classmate, Chris Malone (can’t get much more Irish than that!) took it one step further and stomped on my foot.  I think he might have had a crush on me, but being that I was a girl, I still had cooties, and pinching was just too intimate for fourth-graders of the opposite gender.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed the more traditional things associated with St. Patrick’s Day – corned beef and cabbage, green beer, wearing green, etc.  I’ve even tried my hand at baking Irish Soda Bread.  It turned out ok, but my taste buds just weren’t that appreciative.  I suppose it’s an acquired taste.  Oh sure, I’ve made some of the other items to make the day fun for the kids when they were little – green Jell-O,  green milk, and the occasional Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s.   Quite by accident, I stumbled across a recipe that sounds very intriguing –  Spinach Cupcakes!  Now before you say “yuck”, take a look at the recipe and the pictures.  It’s one of those things that if you didn’t say there was spinach in it, no one would probably know!  It looks like it would be a great way to sneak some veggies into your diet deliciously!

So enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day celebration and remember to wear something green, unless you want to get pinched!

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