March 14th – Registered Dietitian Day

Hanna and her husband, Trevor, in Ireland

By Hanna Kelley, RD, CD

The month of March is just one big party in our house. Spring finally arrives bringing with it green lawns, St Patrick’s Day, my birthday (ahem….national holiday opportunity), National Nutrition Month and Registered Dietitian Day. So many things to celebrate! Since you’ve probably already heard about St Patty’s Day and National Nutrition Month, allow me to elaborate on my new favorite “holiday”.

Registered Dietitian Day was created to honor, you guessed it, the Registered Dietitian or “RD” for short. So what does an “RD” do? Dietitians are food and nutrition experts that translate the science of nutrition into what and how we eat every day. I’m not talking the food police my friends. You know you’re supposed to eat your vegetables. I’m talking medical professionals that can provide you with a way to mix the foods you love, with your specific medical conditions, safely.  The expert who can take the latest study (you know the one- where everything but tree bark is bad for you) and help you determine how accurate it may be and how it applies to your family’s nutrition. Dietitians work in hospitals, schools, long-term care facilities, grocery stores and food companies to name a few. We love food and enjoy educating the world on how to make their bodies healthier with it.

Never met your local Dietitian? Well now’s the time then! March 14th is Registered Dietitian day in 2012. This is the perfect day to schedule an appointment. Why see an RD? If you have diabetes, celiac disease, kidney disease or high blood pressure, a Dietitian can help you with that. Maybe your child’s a picky eater, or you’re trying to improve your athletic performance, an RD can help you with that too. Celebrate Registered Dietitian Day by getting to know a Dietitian near you. To find one in your town, see the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website at:, click on “Find an RD”.  You can also contact the Indiana Dietetic Association at:  Already know a great Dietitian? Then honor them with a high-five, and a healthy snack. We love a good snack.

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