If Pets Had Thumbs Day – (March 3)

Dee, the cat, who actually was born with 'thumbs'

By: Jenni Purcell

Thumbs – one of the main attributes that sets us apart from other animals on this earth. We can open doors, text, thumb wrestle, hitchhike and the list goes on.  Imagine what it would be like if your pet had thumbs. Pretty unsettling isn’t it? Walking your dog at the park might end up a bit different.  I believe that food in the house would disappear very quickly!  You’d need to put a pad lock on your fridge!  Oh wait, they would have thumbs…they could work the lock!!  Dogs and cats would control the TV, by hiding the remote control, only to be stuck with 24 hours of Animal Planet.  And can you imagine your cute little pooch getting on the internet?!  I dread the thought of what web sites Gunther would be viewing…’Hot Lassie.com…Mischievous Labradors.com!  Oh my~

 The first three years of my dog Gunther’s life, was a train wreck. The one thing that saved my sanity was that he DID NOT have thumbs. Have you seen the movie Marley and Me? Enough said.  I thank my lucky stars that our furry little friends like Gunther don’t have thumbs to take our things and hide them. He already takes my cell phone.  Imagine if he had thumbs…he would be texting the other dogs in the neighborhood!  Or cancelling his appointment to the vet!  Gunther has occasionally swiped my undergarments and shoes, only to find them outside.  How embarrassing! The damage he could do with thumbs would put me over the edge!

Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘man’s best friend’ and our fuzzy felines. They are a great addition to the family and part of their appeal is that they must rely on us.  Come to think of it, there is a flip side that maybe thumbs would be helpful!  Just imagine if your pet had little useful hands… they could help you get your household chores done like dusting, laundry, or sweeping.  And forget about telling your pet to ‘roll over’ to impress the family.  Now I could command Gunther to ‘shuffle the cards’ or ‘play the drums’!  If you needed someone to fill in on your weekly bowling league, now you have an extra set of thumbs!  Hmmm…I’m starting to like this idea of extra digits for our pets!




But alas, we must remember that our lovable critters have the intellect and emotional understanding of less than a toddler.  You thought the ‘terrible twos’ for HUMANS were bad!  Perhaps we should just leave it at that.  A fun blog, letting our minds wander, and extra thumbs to wiggle for awhile anyway~

 p.s. if you spotted any typos, it’s because I let Gunther help.


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