Meet an Indiana Farmer: David Brand

By Kimmi Devaney

David Brand

Dairy Farmer, Waterloo, Indiana

David standing beside wife Kim, who's holding their daughter Addysen, 19 months. In front of David is their younger son Jaxen, 4 & on the right in front of Kim is Logen, 6

Q: Why did you get into the dairy business?

A:  I have always wanted to be in the dairy business.  Growing up on the farm, I was used to hard work and dedication to the animals. I loved being outdoors watching things grow.  As I got older, I became more involved in the day-to-day operations and just knew as I was graduating from high school that I definitely wanted to return to the farm.

Q: What do you love most about being in the dairy industry?

A:  What I love most about the dairy industry is the opportunity to work with my family on a daily basis and to be able provide for so many people.  We provide for the cows and they provide for us through the nutritious products they produce.  Not only that, but I truly take pride in the fact that we’re able to produce safe, nutritious food for so many.  I know a lot of people don’t take into account where their food comes from anymore, but I’m still proud to be a face behind the label.

Q: What do you want the general public to know about dairy farming?

A: I think the main issue we’re having as dairymen these days is the lack of understanding by the general public about how a modern dairy farm really works.  We as dairymen can no longer survive by milking a few dozen cows based on a pasture diet.  The genetic growth has unlocked a lot of potential in our cows and with that comes a lot of milk if fed correctly.

There’s more management with dairying these days than just going out and milking cows.  I wish more people could actually visit modern-day dairy farms.  I think they would understand a lot more about how precise and scientific it really is these days.  Small changes in the cows’ diet can make a huge difference in their health.

We do all we can to keep all of our cows as comfortable as possible so they are able to provide nutritious food for consumers.  And, I think that we have proof that our dedication to our cows pays off.  One of our mottos is: Focused on Longevity for the Future, and I believe we’re doing that.  More than a quarter of our milking herd is older than 5 years old, with our oldest cow being 13!

We care for our cows expecting them to last a long time and be productive for a long time.  We take care of their environment and the environment around us, because not only is it in our best interest, but it’s the right thing to do.

There are misconceptions and falsehoods being thrown about every day about how modern-day dairy farms are.  My advice is to try your best to talk to, or visit a dairy farm.  We give school tours and welcome visitors any time!

2 Responses

  1. So true the dairy game has changed a lot over the years. After 28 years 120 head 2 x day, developing and showing great cattle. I miss the people not the work, don’t get me wrong nothing beats hard work. i just work a lot smarter now. Wish you and your family the best my next time through Waterloo I’ll stop in for a visit and talk cows. It’s always a great conversation.
    Have a Great Day,
    Doug Schreiber Formerly Schreibers Dairy “White Village Holstiens”

  2. Thanks Doug! Like I said, we always like having visitors stop by. Right now we’re milking about 350 3x so we stay pretty busy but we’re always around somewhere.

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