30 Days and Counting! Time is Up- Pitch the Leftovers

By Michelle Plummer

As we have now passed the seven day rule of leftovers- that is 35 from Thanksgiving, 7-20 for the Christmas parties and the bits and pieces of food, appetizers, casserole and YES even desserts need to be disposed of and that big white or stainless steel shell needs a good bath!

Look at the dates on the condiments (those bottles and jars that hang out in the door), if they have been open for more than six months—-discard and let’s begin fresh in 2012!

How to begin:  discard out of date, old, scary foods (you know which ones they are).  Move remaining food to one side and with a pan of warm vinegar water (50/50) wipe down the sides, shelves and handles of the fridge.  Let dry and allow drying.  Repeat on opposite side and doors.

Make a list of items discarded in case you need them for an upcoming recipe.

Be sure to look in the freezer for frost bitten foods, spilt, exploded (soda, tomatoes etc).  Clean those messes up in the same manner.

It is a new year, a time to enjoy new foods and trends.  Banana and lemon are both hot flavors for the winter and vanilla infusions also.  All three of these flavors can easily be masked by stronger odors in the refrigerator and even freezer.

Happy New Year to all of  you!  Hoping 2012 is all you wish!

Tips for a Food Safe New Year:

  • Keep cold foods at 41 degrees F or below
  • Keep hot foods at 140 degrees F or higher
  • Reheat foods to 165 degrees F for 15 seconds
  • If in doubt THROW IT OUT, getting sick from food is dreadful!
  • Watch Sell by dates- they are good 7 days after the stamped date
  • Use by means to use the item or discard by that date

For more information:

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