Look on the Bright Side Day

By DeDe Hausmann

Yes, December 21st is really, “LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE DAY”.  I know it seems we have a day for everything but isn’t “LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE DAY” a good thing?!!!!

Let’s look at this objectively.

1)      December 21 is the Winter Solstice – meaning it’s the shortest day of the year.  If on the 21st you are having a bad day, just realize the day will be over before you know it.

2)      I bet that you have heard that if you want to be a positive, happy person then you should hang around with people who desire that too?!!!  If you haven’t practiced this yet then this would be a great day for you to back away from those negative people and purposely start hanging out with optimistic friends.

3)      Have you been putting off doing something for yourself that you know will make you happy, such as having your nails done or calling up a friend that you haven’t talked to in ages and making plans to get together?   DO IT!!!!  Don’t procrastinate any longer.  You’ll be so glad you did.

4)      You have been trying hard to eat more healthy and there have been lots of opportunities to over-indulge due to all those delicious holiday treats that keep popping up in the office, at parties or even at home.  Congratulate yourself for having self-control and learning to eat in moderation.  It’s been tough but look on the bright side.   Maybe you have a holiday frock/outfit that you haven’t gotten into in years and this year it fits!!!

5)      Your dog has eaten one of your shoes and you are really mad at him.  Hey—I bet those shoes are older than the hills and Fido’s actions have forced you to go out and buy that pair of shoes you have been ogling over for months.  Go for it girl!!!

6)      Still really down and you don’t know why?  Go buy yourself some colorful flowers or a plant and brighten up your home or office.   Put it where you can gaze at them often and I bet you’ll notice you’re feeling LOTS better.

Aren’t those easy suggestions to brighten up your day?!!  So choose at least one of these and go for it.  IT’S UP TO YOU AND YOU ALONE TO BE HAPPY.  Life is too short to NOT LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!!!

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