Cabin Fever – Find a Cure for your Kids!

By Jenni Purcell

Winter months do bring the holidays, but they inevitably also bring on a case of cabin fever. You might ask: How will I know when my family has come down with this serious illness? The symptoms are easy to spot. You will know by the repetitive opening and closing of the refrigerator, complaining that nothing is on TV and the whining that sounds something like ‘I am bored!’ The good news is that there is a cure! The number one suggestion is to get out of the cabin, if possible (unfortunately, this isn’t always possible). So, on those occasions where leaving the cabin is impossible, it is important to act fast with indoor activities and games to cure your family.

Does your family have Cabin Fever?

 If cabin fever is not addressed immediately it will eventually lead to insanity. Here are 4 simple ways to rid your family of cabin fever:

1.  Get artsy.  You can have your children write thank you notes for Christmas gifts or get an early start on Valentine’s Day cards. Make your own stamps by doing a little vegetable stamping — cut a potato in half, cut the flesh into the shape you desire, and then let your child dip it in some paint and stamp the potato on construction paper.

2. Build a fort.  It’s time to bring out all the extra blankets, sheets and pillows.  Kids love to make forts and mazes with anything that you have around the house.

3. Chef for a day.  Kids love to help in the kitchen and have fun with food. A snowy day is the perfect time to teach children to cook with a simple recipe.  Take this opportunity to teach them the importance of eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

4. Dust off the old board games. Checkers, Dominos, and Candyland are just some of the classics and are now as popular as ever.   Uno, Go Fish and basic cards can be used for matching games too.

I found other good ideas at this link as well.

Now after looking at some of these ideas,  create a Cabin Fever emergency kit with craft supplies, games, books, etc. that you can get out when Cabin Fever symptoms start to appear in your family!

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