Unique Gift Ideas

By Mary Nicholson

What in the world do you get for someone who has everything? For many folks on your list, you probably already know exactly what you plan to give them – they’re the easy ones! But there are always a few who are a challenge. My dad was one of those. He wasn’t into having many material things, although he found things like Billy Bass amusing, much to my mom’s chagrin. What made gifts fun for Dad was the presentation. One year I bought him a big container of peanuts. Not too creative, but it was a suggestion from Mom, and it was something that he would use. It wasn’t much in the way of gifts, but the wrapping was the fun part. It was a round, tall container, sort of like a fat oatmeal box. I wrapped the outside with plain construction paper and found a perfectly sized picture of Paul Newman’s handsome face to put on it. I topped it off with a construction paper cowboy hat, and voila! (The cowboy hat was a critical part of the décor, as my parents had made several trips to San Antonio and my dad came back with a pair of cowboy boots and a few bolero ties).

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