Indoor Activities

By Mary Nicholson

It’s cooling off outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to sit around inside – au contraire!   Oh sure, there’s still some leaf raking to be done, and when the snow starts to fall, there are a lot of outdoor activities that appeal to many.  But what to do if you don’t like the cold weather or it’s just cold, but there’s no snow to play in?

When I was little, we managed to keep pretty busy inside the house when it wasn’t suitable to go outside, and the television was not an option (it was rarely on until Dad came home from work).  We did things like run up and down the stairs, bowling in the hallway, balloon basketball (which eventually turned into Monkey in the Middle since my older and taller brothers were involved), or roller skating in the basement (unfinished, complete with concrete floors).  Believe it or not, I don’t remember ever getting hurt or even getting yelled at by Mom for making too much noise!  If it were just my sister and me, we sometimes would become ballerinas and dance to the music that was almost always on in our house.  Here’s a website that has some great ideas for indoor activities.

If you’re more of a “techie”, the Wii and other gaming systems have a multitude of active games for just about everyone.  This type of activity can raise your heart rate and be a lot of fun at the same time.  What’s your favorite game?  My only experience with this type of activity has been golf.  Now I’m not much of a golfer in real life, but I had a fair amount of success (and maybe a little luck) on the video course.  None the less, it was a lot of fun, and you do get some good movement in a small space.

If you’re more into exercise and fitness, here’s an on-line resource: free exercises and workouts.  It has a searchable library for both exercises and complete workouts; you can even upload your own workout, if you want to share.  It’s important to keep active in the fall and winter.  With fewer hours of daylight, elevating your heart rate can prevent those winter blahs from creeping in.  And we all know what’s ahead very soon:  the Holidays!  And that often means more get-togethers that involve food or special foods that may be more caloric than your usual fare.  So keep active, and don’t feel bad that pumpkin pie!

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