Happy National Cappuccino Day

Happy National Cappuccino Day!! I can remember when the term cappuccino started to become a household name.  I didn’t know what the recipe was for a cappuccino, but it sounded fancy. The basic formula for cappuccino is actually very simple – espresso, hot milk, milk foam, and lots of caffeine! Nowadays coffee houses have so many varieties, it can be quite overwhelming, so I’m going to give you a ‘How To Guide’ for ordering coffee!  When I first went to Starbucks I was so confused –  a ‘tall’ is really a small, they want to know if I want my drink ‘skinny’ and how many ‘shots’ I want in it! So I searched online, and I found a step-by-step guide on this very thing:

I will break it down for you.  You will probably have ample time waiting in line to order so here are some of the items you want to make sure you have decided:

  • You can have your beverage iced or hot. Also what size you desire. Some of the sizes are:
      • Tall (12oz)
      • Grande (16oz)
      • Venti (20oz) (trade-marked size)
  • How ‘wired’ do you want to be, or how much caffeine do you want?
    • Espresso Shots
      • Single is just one shot of espresso.
      • Double is two shots.
      • Triple is three shots.
      • Quad is four shots.
      • More – you are in trouble!
  • Choose the syrups you want.  They will most likely have anything from sugar-free vanilla to white chocolate mocha.
  • One of the most important choices – the type of milk you want. Not only are you getting a delicious drink, you are getting nutrition as well – one of your three servings of dairy you need a day (if you get a latte)!  
    • Whole
    • 2 percent
    • Nonfat (Now known as “skinny” drinks)

These tips should get you started on your coffee-house adventure!