Staff Spotlight: Meet Susan Stern

What do you do at Indiana Dairy?

I am the receptionist for Indiana Dairy. I am the ‘smiling voice’ you will hear when you contact us or the ‘smiling face’ you will see when you enter our office building.   I work with the entire office to handle everything that goes on behind the scenes. I gather and ship educational and promotional materials to farmers, educators and health professionals. The materials are used for a variety of events. The events can range anywhere from County fairs and Ag Days, farm tours, to college education programs. We also provide resources to many hospitals and schools around the state.  I get to interact with all of our employees and feel we are truly blessed to have a great group of people working here at the American Dairy Association of Indiana.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Every day is different and my job continues to be a learning experience.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I grew up in the town of Lapel and have lived in that area most of my life.  My husband and I have two grown children and six grandchildren.  It is a delight to watch my children as adults raise their families. To be a part of my children’s and grandchildren’s life is an utmost pleasure. Our family gets to spend some of our free time enjoying the water in northern Indiana at our lake home.

Tell us a little about someone who has influenced your life and why?

Many family and friends have been an influence over the years. My Mom has been one of the greatest influences and has been a very special person in my life.

Do you have a favorite recipe or restaurant to share?

If you are ever in Lapel, you will have to stop by The Bulldog Corner. It is located in the heart of Lapel has great food. I recommend the breaded tenderloin sandwich.