You’re It! American Touch Tag Day

October 8 is American Touch Tag Day – a day to play Tag. Whether you are a child or adult, ‘let your hair down’ and go outside and play! Touch Tag is probably the most popular child’s game in America and almost all kids around the world have played some version of it.

As an avid tag player ‘back in the day’ I would have to say it can be quite exciting and gets kids moving. As I can recall, when you ‘tagged’ someone, you yell “You’re IT!”  You then make a mad dash in the opposite direction. Tag is played wherever you find groups of children and has been played for thousands of years. Tag has been known by many names, including: Tag, Touch, Touch Tag, It, and many more.

Since kids spend endless hours on video games, TV and the computer, physical activity has seemed  to go by the wayside.  So for all you parents, Touch Tag Day is time (and every other day) to get your kids up and get some fun physical activity in! Kids still love to run, jump and chase each other and its a great way to get their 60 minutes of exercise they need daily. Teaching your child to play tag will keep them moving and tie them to millions of other children around the world who try to avoid being “It”!

The rules of tag are simple, but depend on the variation of the game. After Googling the game of Tag, I found that there a number of variations of the game.   If you mix the ages of children it usually makes for more fun. Tag teaches children to follow rules, act quickly and wisely and to be good sports. It also helps them develop speed, agility and physical endurance. Celebrate American Touch Tag Day today. No matter how old you are, go outside and play Touch Tag.

You’re it!


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