It’s Harvest Time, Be Alert on the Roads and Thank a Farmer!

By Kimmi Devaney

Have you noticed more traffic on the roads lately? School is back in session and it seems like that always creates longer commutes. You may also see tractors and other farm equipment on back roads around the state.  Make sure you use extra caution this time of year while traveling on rural roadways as the harvest season gets underway. Farmers move from field to field, they may be traveling at speeds of around 25 miles per hour or less. Everyone wants this to be safe time for both motorists and farmers. Drivers should be prepared to slow down in the event they encounter a farm vehicle.

If you happen to be behind farm equipment on the road and there begins to be a back-up, try to be patient because the operator should look for a place to pull over and allow traffic to pass. Don’t attempt to pass farm equipment unless it is legal and safe to do so, even if the farm operator waves you around.

Farms around the country are extremely busy during harvest season. Long hours in the fields means less time spent with family and less time to enjoy other activities. Farm safety is important all the time but especially during harvest. You can help by slowing down on the roads when you see farm equipment. Thanksgiving isn’t for another month, but it’s never too early to give thanks to the hardworking individuals who work the land to ensure you have enough to eat.

Now, raise a glass of milk to agriculture and remember to be thankful for farmers every single day. Cheers!

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