Celebrating 80 Years!

By Diane Ruyack

Guess who is 80 years old this year?  The Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana!  The Dairy and Nutrition Council(DNCI) is dedicated to providing timely, scientifically sound nutrition information on the health benefits of milk, cheese and yogurt.  It has a variety of educational materials on children, calcium, myplate, sports nutrition, hypertension and the DASH diet, lactose intolerance and agriculture. The DNCI is affiliated with the National Dairy Council. The first office in Indiana was located in South Bend, IN and began in 1931.  One of the first messages sent to school children was “Eat 3 meals daily including at least one glass of milk with each meal”.  The founders thought fresh air and good food  would serve to prevent and cure tuberculosis since that is one of the factors for starting the Dairy Council of Northern Indiana.  This effort continued in the schools through the help of dairy processors in the area.  Finally, in 1947 the Government Milk program became effective and this secured milk for all needy children.

At the Our Land Pavilion at the Indiana State Fair, the Dairy & Nutrition Council and the American Dairy Association have a giant cheese sculpture, a booth with recipes and information on dairy products, etc and a 1937 Milk Delivery Truck provided by Smith Dairy in Richmond.  The Dairy Bar has grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream and shakes that are the best bargain on the fairgrounds.  Hope you will all celebrate 80 years of Dairy Goodness with the Dairy & Nutrition Council and all of the Indiana Dairy Farm Families at the Indiana State Fair or at your grocery store’s dairy case.

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