Celebrate June Dairy Month!

By Kimmi Devaney  

June is Dairy Month! Gather your friends and raise a glass of milk to this fantastic industry. This month, many organizations provide opportunities for consumers to interact with dairy farmers and learn more about where their favorite dairy products come from.

June Dairy Month originated in 1937 as an annual tradition developed to celebrate the dairy industry and its contributions. Between 1937 and 1939, it was called National Milk Month until ‘June Dairy Month’ became the official title of the promotion and focused on the greater use of dairy products.

June is more than just another promotional month. It’s a time to celebrate the men and women who produce one of the safest products in our food supply—milk. Dairy farmers don’t work ‘9 to 5’ and they don’t always get weekends or holidays off. Cows may need attention in the middle of the night or on Christmas morning. But this means no two days are the same.

The dairy industry is important to rural towns. Dairies stimulate the local economy by providing jobs in communities like yours. Many dairy farmers are involved in their communities through 4-H, FFA, church and other groups. They are just like you except cows are a vital part of their profession.

However, dairies and dairy farmers are not ‘one size fits all.’ Driving through rural communities, you will see a variety of facilities and management practices ranging from pasture-based grazing to free-stall barns, tie-stall barns, bedded pack, dry lots (mostly in the western states), and more. While Holsteins—the black and white ones—are usually portrayed in farm images, there are six other major breeds of dairy cattle.  Likewise, dairy farmers have different interests, but one thing they all share is their love for the dairy industry.

Dairy farmers are dedicated and passionate about the land they farm, cows they take care of and providing you with wholesome, nutritious dairy products. Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself!

We are hosting Brunch on the Farm at Nor-Bert Farms in Bremen, Indiana, on June 18th from 9 a.m. to noon. The kids are sure to love visiting the baby calves, and you may be interested to learn more about the milk production process. From working with nutritionists to formulate proper diets to providing comfortable housing, there’s a lot more to it than just milking the cows! More information can be found at WinnersDrinkMilk.com.

The next time you reach for a gallon of milk, carton of yogurt or block of cheese, take a moment to give thanks to the industry and people who make that possible. From our family to yours, enjoy!

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