Ready to Race

By Mary Nicholson

It’s May!  The month to celebrate in Indianapolis!  Checked flags will soon be decorating mailboxes, flagpoles, gas stations, and grocery stores.  I can hardly wait!  I never dreamed I would become a “track rat”, but in my twelve years of living in Indiana, I certainly have.

It helps that I work for the American Dairy Association of Indiana, sponsors of that famous “Drink of Milk in Victory Circle”.  Being involved with a tradition like that certainly plays a part in my interest in the race. There’s just something special about the track.  After moving here in 1998, I was amazed the first time we drove by it.  Having seen the race on TV, I never imagined how large the whole IMS grounds are.  I was equally surprised to see that there are regular homes, churches and schools so close to it.  When you drive by the track at nighttime – not during Indy 500 or Brickyard festivities – it is so quiet and dark and a little foreboding.  Quite the opposite is true during daylight hours, and especially when it’s getting close to a Race Day. It’s one of the best places to be!

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